Big data: Breathing life into India's economy?

Big data is busy in India, playing a vital role in enterprises, startups, government and domestic industry.

What can we expect next?

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Big data: What are we mining for?

Big data has been cast as the new “oil of industry” and much has been made of its importance in creating new products, services and markets.

But, while lacking clearly defined monetary value, data has the potential to drag us down with ever increasing costs for discovery, compliance, privacy and protection.

Are we putting our good money behind bad data?

New directions for big data and analytics in 2015

Innovations abound in the vibrant world of big data and analytics as areas of thought, technology, leadership, theory and industries converge.

Where will we wander with big data and analytics in 2015?

@kirkdborne predicts 2 directions for the coming year

6 big plays for your 2015 IT strategy

IBM has collected insight and data from over 750 businesses to find out how to improve IT strategy in six important steps.

Discover the steps

Big data for business in 2015

The competitive landscape in business has been data—with every business striving for more, better and faster data than the competition.

Will big data become a necessary component of competitive advantage in 2015?

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Looking globally at big data & analytics

Travel the world in this new blog series and learn from authors worldwide how big data and analytics are being used in sports, healthcare, government and more.

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Big data and the power of positive curation

Curation addresses the data quality criterion of relevance. 

How does this differ from data stewardship, and how can you instate thoughtful curation in your organization?

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