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Building location and prediction into next generation marketing with InfoSphere Streams: IBM Champion Alex Philp

November 8, 2013

Alex Philp is Founder and President of GSC Research and an IBM Champion. In this interview he explains the important problems location analytics can solve, such as how a company decides where to put a store, or how an insurance organization underwrites risk. Perhaps even more importantly, healthcare providers knowing our name, age and zip code is driving healthcare reform.  

Alex draws the clear line between location and predictive analytics explaining "where something is, combined with when and what, is really driving prediction.” In the age of context, knowing ‘where’ the customer is has a pivotal role to play.

When it comes to technology for collating and crunching data, Alex suggests IBM Infosphere Streams is particularly well-suited to combining real-time information (such as movement of a customer) with relevant and necessary static information (eg. roads, buildings). It also is useful for uncovering social media location for next-gen marketing. 

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