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Creating the "joy of finding" valuable insights in data: Findability Sciences

November 22, 2013

Findability Sciences helps its customers experience the "joy of finding" says Anand Mahurkar, CEO and Founder. About 80 percent of data businesses need to leverage is found outside the firewall. Add to that the need to integrate the data from internal systems across the organization, and you start to get a picture of the information management problems organizations are dealing with.

This is where Findability Sciences comes in.

Anand says that they work predominantly in the higher education, non-profit, media/entertainment and healthcare industries, helping clients uncover valuable insights.

Anand points out that social data has become increasingly important, especially given the growth in smartphones in recent years. For instance, if a customer moves from one part of the country to another, this may first show up externally on a network such as LinkedIn. Now a business can take this information and use it to amend its marketing and improve the customer service.

Predictive analytics is also incredibly important in order to monitor the data body language of customers and respond as necessary when a customer acts like they are about to switch.

Findability Sciences leverages IBM products Data Explorer and BigInsights for sentiment analysis. They also combine Sugar CRM with IBM technologies to offer solutions that manage multiple relationships across the enterprise.

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