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Data is at the center of everything: Ahmet Bulut, Istanbul Sehir University

November 20, 2013

Ahmet Bulut, the Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Istanbul Sehir University, noticed early the importance of data science. Some years ago he helped lay the plans for the current offerings at Istanbul Sehir University.

As he points out in this interview at IBM Information On Demand, data is at the center of everything, and has been for some time. Whilst he baulks at the term data scientist, he believes that data science has an integral part to play in helping explain the world around us. He suggests the best way forward is to link computer science to social science (where the domain data lives).

Ahmet points to the need for skills highlighted in the latest TechTrends report and sees the work he is doing in Turkey as contributory.

When it comes to technology, Ahmet suggests that IBM SPSS is a game-changer in the information management space. The workshops held at the EdCon event were particularly useful to learn from SPSS experts and build on his existing skills.

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