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IOD Meetup: NoSQL, MongoDB and Big Data

October 15, 2013

If you are interested in NoSQL, MongoDB, Big Data or cloud, then don't miss the meetup on Wednesday, Nov 6 at 6 p.m. in the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. This event is open to everyone and is your chance to chat with industry leaders from MongoDB and IBM.

The trend in programming today is towards greater diversity in datastores that can be applied to a broad set of applications. Developers and Data Architects require the ability to not only work with traditional relational databases but also with document based databases (such as MongoDB) and master new methods of query such as JSON queries. An Open Cloud Architecture is forming with technologies based on layers provided by OpenStack and Cloud Foundry that enable flexible, interoperable cloud environments that are suitable for deploying data and applications.

IBM is staying on top of these trends by building support for NoSQL, MongoDB and Big Data into products like DB2, Informix, Guardium, InfoSphere BigInsights, InfoSphere Streams, DataStage and Softlayer. Document databases, like MongoDB and DB2 JSON, fit naturally in the Cloud, where applications can be prototyped quickly, and deployed securely, with products like Guardium.  

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This Meetup will highlight the significance of open interfaces and open source in the vibrant and rapidly evolving world of NoSQL and Big Data. Come meet with us to learn how open technologies are changing the face of computing and how they participate in the evolving open architecture. The line up of experts from IBM, MongoDB, SciSpike, and BTRG is nearly unbelievable! Don't miss this chance to work directly with Tim Vincent, Inhi Cho, Angel Luis Diaz, Jerry Cuomo, JP Sethi, Heather Kirksey, Vladimir Bacvanski,  Mike Martin, Bobbie Cochrane, Leon Katsnelson, Stephen Brodsky, Kathy Zeidenstein, Paul Stanley, Keshava Murthy, Jim Giles and Susan Malaika.

This is a three hour event with a panel, demos, lightning talks, stimulating discussions, networking and refreshments. Register now for the Big Data Developers Meetup and, after registering, you will see the meetup location at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.

Interact with industry experts. Challenge your knowledge of open technologies. Join the discussion.