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Test drive software from IBM Business Analytics

November 25, 2013

Information On Demand 2013 is over, and now you’re wondering “how can I learn more about the great products I saw?”

To start, many business analytics products are available as trial downloads or subscriptions from IBM’s cloud. Read on to learn more about what’s available and how to begin your journey. If you are part of a research or educational institute, take note of the Academic Initiative at the end of the post.

New! IBM Analytics Marketplace

image001.pngSPSS Analytic Catalyst: Log on, upload your data and step through an interactive coach to uncover key insights and predictive drivers in data without the need for programming or advanced statistical knowledge. 

image003.jpgSPSS Statistics: An integrated family of products that addresses the entire analytical process including planning, data collection, analysis, reporting and deployment. Download the desktop and get started! 
image005.jpgDownloadable extensible visualizations for Cognos Business Intelligence (BI). image006.jpgThe Visualization Customizer utility enables you to define your own visualizations for use within Cognos Business Intelligence.

Trial Offers


image008.jpgCognos Business Intelligence: Test the features and capabilities of IBM Cognos Business Intelligence V10.2.1 for 30 days. For OEM or Application Specific Licensing (ASL) customers only. image009.jpgCognos Insight Personal Edition: Explore, analyze and visualize your data at no charge, for as long as you like, all from the convenience of your desktop.
image010.jpgIBM Cognos Express: try reporting, analysis, budgeting and other features for workgroups and midsize companies at no charge for up to 30 days.  


Note: Please read Trial Installation Instructions before initiating a download. The trial period for all SPSS software is 14 days.

image011.jpgSPSS Amos: Easily perform structural equation modeling (SEM) for more accurate results. image012.jpgSPSS SamplePower: Easily identify the appropriate sample size, every time, for any research criteria.
image013.jpgSPSS Statistics Developer: Integrate the power of R and Python with the core functionality of SPSS Statistics. image014.jpgSPSS Data Collection: Achieve a deeper understanding of people's attitudes, preferences and opinions.
image015.jpgSPSS Text Analytics for Surveys: Analyze survey text and discover valuable, hidden insights. image016.jpgSPSS Visualization Designer: Easily create and share compelling visualizations that communicate your analytic results.

Cloud-based Software (SaaS)

image017.jpgIBM Social Media Analytics: Social media analytics solutions from IBM can help your business in many ways.

  • Capture and process consumer data from a number of popular social media feeds
  • Uncover insights to attitudes, opinions, topics and trends
  • Create customized campaigns and promotions that resonate with social media participants
  • Identify the primary influencers within specific social network channels

To learn more, call IBM at 1-800-543-2185 or contact your local IBM representative.

image018.jpgIBM Analytic Answers: Cloud-based software ready to provide immediate, high-value insights to your data.  Use your web browser to upload your data and download actionable results!

  • Donor contribution growth
  • Insurance renewals
  • Prioritized collections
  • Retail purchase analysis and offer targeting
  • Student retention
  • Telco churn prevention

To learn more, call IBM at 1-866-601-1934 (priority code 101KR29W) or contact your local IBM representative.

image014.jpgSPSS Data Collection on Cloud: Understanding why people are behaving in a specific way, and what drives their decisions, will help you with being able to more accurately predict future behavior. SPSS Data Collection delivers an accurate view of people's attitudes, preferences and opinions so that this valuable insight can be included in the decision-making processes.
  • Create a survey which will reach all constituents, regardless of language or location
  • Incorporate sophisticated survey logic and data validation to ensure clean, high quality data
  • Manage the entire survey process, from design and interviewing through to analysis and reporting
To learn more, call IBM at 1-800-543-2185 or contact your local IBM representative.

IBM Academic Initiative

image019.pngThe IBM Academic Initiative is a no-charge program providing educators with the training materials, curriculum guides, software and hardware needed to teach in-demand business and technology skills.

Member benefits:

  • No-charge access to IBM software, hardware, technology and tools
  • Access to self-paced tutorials and videos
  • Training for faculty through the use of IBM course materials, curriculum guides and software
  • Extensive expertise, teaching assets and community resources to develop world-class curricula
  • Opportunities to interact  with a worldwide community of academic partners

Explore the IBM Academic Initiative online today.

You must admit, the breadth of capabilities waiting to be sampled are impressive. Be inspired! Download or subscribe to a business analytics product today and transform your data to new insights for your business decisions.