The importance of analytics to the healthcare industry

November 27, 2013
In this interview, Manish Sharma, vice president, CitiusTech explains how important analytics is in the healthcare space, particularly in the light of regulatory requirements and payment reform. Read More

Building business analytics skills at the Kelley School of Business

November 27, 2013
Kelley School of Business at Indiana University was one of the first to create an Institute for Business Analytics, bringing faculty from different disciplines together. Read More

Using 3D modeling to deliver environmentally sustainable projects

November 27, 2013
Dassault Systèmes offers Product Lifecycle Management and 3D design solutions that help their clients deliver more environmentally sustainable projects. Read More

Helping students understand big data

November 26, 2013
Jeff Pittges, Associate Professor of IT, Radford University teaches classes on database warehousing, mining and reporting. He is helping students understand big data and the latest industry trends. Read More

Creating a single view of the customer: The Aginity Customer Insight Appliance

November 26, 2013
Mike Blyth, Chief Operating Officer for Aginity, explains how the Customer Insight Appliance offers huge benefits in terms of the time taken to implement and derive value from a single view of the customer. Read More

Test drive software from IBM Business Analytics

November 25, 2013
Information On Demand 2013 is over, and now you’re wondering “how can I learn more about the great products I saw?” Read More

Creating the "joy of finding" valuable insights in data: Findability Sciences

November 22, 2013
Findability Sciences helps its customers experience the "joy of finding" says Anand Mahurkar, CEO and Founder. About 80 percent of data businesses need to leverage is found outside the firewall. Read More

Building skills for the business analyst of tomorrow: Gigi Kelly, University of Virginia

November 22, 2013
Over the last 3-5 years, industries have been looking for students who understand both business and technology. This, together with the growth in big data, is leading to an ever-evolving curriculum, says Gigi Kelly, Assistant Professor, McIntire School of Commerce, University of Virginia. Read More

Why you shouldn’t overlook data management

November 22, 2013
Peter Aiken from Virginia Commonwealth University explains why data management is as important as data science.  Read More

Data is at the center of everything: Ahmet Bulut, Istanbul Sehir University

November 20, 2013
In this presentation, Ahmet Bulut, the Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Istanbul Sehir University explains the importance of building data science skills and the value in partnering with IBM. Read More