8 Big Data Events to Gear Up for 2013

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At year’s end, we often assess how far we’ve come over the past several months. 2012 has certainly been about big data. But maybe you’re realizing that, while you have a good grasp on the basics, there are gaps in your knowledge. Or maybe you’re starting to think through how you can apply all these shiny new skills to actually meet business goals.

Luckily, my colleagues are eager to share a huge variety of use cases and perspectives. Next week alone, various IBMers are involved in 8 – count ‘em, 8 – events that deal with several big data topics. Find one (or more!) that sounds intriguing and fits into your 2013 projects.

Building the Case
Maybe you’re at a stage where you’re still trying to build the case for big data. Understanding the use cases that apply to your industry is a great start for this. On Tuesday, December 11, Internet Evolution will host Big Data, Big Benefits with IBM Director of Product Management for Big Data John Choi. John will share several use cases from industries like telco, energy/utility, life insurance and security.

Getting Started
Perhaps you’ve successfully made the case, but it’s time to get started. Never fear – an all-star panel of experts will guide you through Getting Started with Your First Big Data Project on Wednesday, December 12. Hosted by Information Week, join Alex Philp of GCS Research and IBM’s David Corrigan, Tom Deutsch and Krishnan Parasuraman as they discuss the skills you need, determining the quickest path to ROI and how to prepare for evolution.

Outsmarting Fraudsters
If insurance is your bailiwick, you know how prevalent fraud is. You know how critical it is to identify trends and patterns that pinpoint the fraudsters. And you have a hunch that those answers are already in your data – if only you could make sense of it all. On Tuesday, December 12, IBM teams up with Insurance Networking News for Outsmart the Insurance Claim Fraudster to explain how big data and entity analysis are helping detect fraudulant claims. This should be interesting for anyone dealing with fraud.

As consumers generate more data, concerns about security grow, too. On Wednesday, December 12, Forrester’s John Kindervag will join IBM’s Joseph DiPietro to explain Why Big Data Doesn’t Have to Mean Big Security Challenges. Hosted by Dark Reading, this webcast will discuss the current security and risk environment and how organizations can comply and protect their data. Attendees will receive a complimentary copy of the Forrester Research report, “Control & Protect Sensitive Information in the Era of Big Data.”

Maximizing Value
If you’re in New York, join Knowledgent for an in-person event on Tuesday, December 11. IBM’s Paul Zikopolous, Wyndham Hotel Group’s Russell Dowson and Healthcare Business and Technology Strategist John Trustman will team up to discuss the Business of Big Data: Maximizing the Value of Information. This free session begins at 3 PM and is for any c-level, VP or director level person thinking about big data.  

Predictive Analytics
Maybe your charter is analytics. Better yet, maybe you’re tasked with using all your data in a cohesive predictive analytics strategy. If so, check out the Wednesday, December 12 webinar, Pairing Predictive Analytics and IBM Big Data to Increase Revenue. IBM’s Bruce Weed will team up with Robert Dutcher of InsightsOne to explain how to establish a foundation for an analytics strategy that can lead you towards a competitive advantage.

Energy & Utilities
Smart meters are coming fast, completely changing how energy and utility companies deal with data. How can utilities use this data to transform into customer-centric organizations that improve service while streamlining delivery – and better predicting needs and outages? Michelle Delka, Director of Smart Grid at Westar Energy, Krishnan Gupta, Director of Product Management at eMeter, and IBM’s Elliott McClements will lead Understanding Your Energy Customers on Thursday, December 13. Hear how they’re using big data to build an analytical foundation for customer insight.

InfoSphere Streams Hackathon

If you’re a more technical type, join IBM Big Data Developers on Thursday, December 13 in Foster City, CA for an in-person hackathon. Roll up your sleeves and see InfoSphere Streams in action.

Wherever you are in the big data cycle, pick a session or two that piques your interest and helps you prepare for 2013.


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