Anuj Marfatia
Program Director for Predictive and Business Intelligence Solutions Marketing, IBM

Anuj is IBM's Program Director for Predictive and Business Intelligence Solutions Marketing. He focuses on strategy development, message creation, and go-to-market activities in the area of customer and operational analytics in support of Big Data. You can follow him on Twitter at @AnujMarfatia.

Cooling Down the Summer With Predictive Maintenance

July 11, 2013
This past weekend, as the United States of America celebrated its 237th birthday, I bonded with some of my closest companions – family, friends, music, assorted drinks, and junk food for most of the weekend. Though, one unwelcome friend was the massive heat wave that blanketed most of the US. Read More

Breaking Bad: A Tale of Predictive Asset Optimization

February 27, 2013
While most organizations respond to asset failure by sending out maintenance crews, the process is very reactive. With the advent of relatively cheap information gathering and data analysis, organizations can now leverage big data, such as maintenance logs and asset usage, wear, and surrounding condition characteristics, to predict when, where and how a failure will occur and optimize their decision to ensure that right person will fix the right asset component at the right time. Read More

Predictive Maintenance is a Machine's Best “Friend”

September 14, 2012
More and more organizations are turning to Predictive Maintenance. These solutions help predict which asset or part of an asset is likely to fail or needs service, so organizations only replace parts or machinery when needed, not when they are “supposed to.” Read More