Bharat Gera
Development Manager, Big Data. Information Management, IBM
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Bharat Gera is an engineering manager in the IBM Information Management,  Big Data Group. He has both technical and management oversight to the development of IBM BigInsights Big Data Stack. He has worked primarily in the storage, database, data warehouse and analytics domains over the past decade and a half. He is currently leading the Business Intelligence SQL access to BigInsights Hadoop.

An industry vertical analysis: Telecommunications and big data

September 11, 2014
Big data is poised to reshape the way we live, work and think. The telecommunications sector, which has been slow to realize the shifting ground, is catching up to redefine the customer digital experience, using big data and analytics. Read More

An industry vertical analysis: Healthcare and big data

July 30, 2014
This new series covers big data adoption across multiple industrial sectors, as well as the defining big data elements and anomalies prevalent across each sector.  Read More

The future of big data

May 7, 2014
Big data adoption is the future, and leaders that embrace this imminent paradigm will emerge the likely winners in the market in the years ahead. Read More

Big data ethics

April 15, 2014
Big data will change the face of modern society through the act of datafication. This will also require careful consideration on the possible misuse of this data. Read More

Big dreams, small data

April 3, 2014
Everything is about big data these days, but what about the small data?  Read More