Bob Hayes
President, Business Over Broadway

Bob E. Hayes, PhD, is the Chief Customer Officer at TCELab and president of Business Over Broadway. He calls himself a scientist, analyst, blogger and author on customer experience management (CEM) and analytics (Beyond the Ultimate Question and Measuring Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty). Follow his blog and Twitter:

The Final Four of the Smart Sixteen Big Data Challenge

April 2, 2013 | by Bob Hayes, President, Business Over Broadway
The stage has been set for the Final Four of the IBM Smart Sixteen Big Data Challenge. Starting with a field of 16 business uses of big data, the cream of the crop continues to rise. Last week, Natasha Gabriel listed the elite eight who made it past the first stage.  Here is how the bracket is...

Big Data has Big Implications for Customer Experience Management

February 8, 2013 | by Bob Hayes, President, Business Over Broadway
A key big data problem for business is one of linking up their disparate data silos with customer feedback data in order to identify the correlates of customer satisfaction and loyalty. By linking these sources, companies will be able to ask and answer bigger customer experience questions, embed...