Chris Nott
CTO Big Data & Analytics, IBM UK & Ireland, IBM
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Chris Nott loves helping organizations derive value from data. His passion recently enabled a client to use analytics to adapt in real time. In creating his current role as CTO Big Data and Analytics for IBM UK and Ireland, Chris harnessed both his academic education in mathematics and his technical foundation in database and integration software. Authoritative and dependable, Chris has also shown himself tenacious in pursuing his objectives.

He is recognised across the industry as an advocate of greater professionalism. Committed to developing technical leaders, Chris was elected to chair IBM UK’s top technical community with a remit to consult to its board executives.

Data, analytics and the need for speed

November 17, 2014
The case is clear: the faster you can turn raw data into intelligent insight, the quicker you can get ahead of your competitors. Read More

The decay of insight

October 17, 2014
The length of time that analytic insight has value is rarely considered in big data and analytics projects. Many leaders appreciate the time to value of data and insight, but these same leaders must also examine how insight decays when investing in big data and analytics, since this determines the window in which insight can be used. Read More

The rise of the chief data officer

September 22, 2014
The emerging role of the chief data officer (CDO) was a key topic discussed at the UK Data Governance Forum’s second annual seminar held in London this September. At the seminar, representatives from organizations across many industry sectors addressed the increasing importance of data, the rise of the CDO role and the necessity for successful information governance in generating business value from data. Read More

Big Data & Analytics Maturity Model

August 15, 2014
This Big Data & Analytics Maturity Model helps organizations assess their current capabilities in order to generate value from big data investments in support of strategic business initiatives. It does so by forming a considered assessment of the desired target state, identifying gaps and provides guidance on the steps required to realize this end state. Read More

Can you predict what your customers will do next?

July 2, 2014
Learn how Wimbledon is enhancing the fan experience by predicting and sharing “Keys to the Match.” Read More

The best bit of market research you never commissioned

June 18, 2014
Understanding and responding to client needs across digital channels in real time is not easy. Find out how Wimbledon fans around the world help the AELTC to better manage their digital presence. Read More

Big data is multi-disciplinary

March 18, 2014
UK academics collaborate at IBM colloquium on big data challenges Read More