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Colin White
President and Founder, BI Research

Colin White is the president and founder of BI Research. He is well known for his in-depth knowledge of leading-edge business intelligence and business collaboration technologies, and how they can be integrated into an IT infrastructure for supporting the smart and agile business. With over 35 years of IT experience, he has consulted for dozens of companies throughout the world and is a frequent speaker at leading IT events. Colin has written numerous articles and papers on business intelligence and data management and writes for the Business Intelligence Network and leading industry journals.

Technology Innovations for Enhanced Data Management

July 10, 2013 | by Colin White, President and Founder, BI Research
Data management has undergone significant change ever since the introduction of online transaction processing systems (OLTP) some 50 years ago. The level of change during this period, however, has not been uniform. There have been times when data management technologies and products became...