David Shipman
Industry Marketing Manager - Energy & Utilities, IBM

David Shipman, Ph.D., has specialized in deploying information management solutions into the utility markets for over 20 years. Dr. Shipman has been involved with utility solutions for big data management, applied analytics, content and records management, asset and plant lifecycle management, regulatory compliance, integration with enterprise asset management systems, planning and implementing solutions to support the evolving smart grid initiatives.

Dr. Shipman has a BA degree in Mathematics from the University of Oregon, and a MA and Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Southern California.

Transforming Meter Data into Insights about Operations and Customers

October 30, 2012
Many energy and utility companies get their first introduction to big data after they implement a smart meter project. While traditional meter reading occurs once a month, a smart meter can stream data every 15 minutes, or 2,880 times a month. Read More

Transforming Energy & Utilities with Big Data Analytics

September 12, 2012
It isn’t until the lights go out and the HVAC system stops working that most of us appreciate how important utilities are to our everyday lives. Read More