David Pittman
Social Media Strategist, Information & Analytics Group
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David Pittman is a Social Business Strategist in IBM’s Information & Analytics group. He is the host of the "Talking Big Data & Analytics" podcast series and "Big Data Bytes" monthly live videochat (, a frequent blogger and the “voice” behind @IBMbigdata. A member of Business Marketing Association and Illinois Technology Association, he often presents at industry events and conducts training on effective use of social media for B2B companies. Follow David on @TheSocialPitt

Most popular infographics and presentations of 2014—so far

August 15, 2014
To close out our week of looking at the most popular content from the first half of 2014, we turn to the royalty of shareable content: infographics, animations and presentations. Read More

Most popular analyst reports, ebooks and white papers of 2014 so far

August 14, 2014
Since big data is still relatively new technology, many of you are conducting research and seeking quality educational resources. That's apparent in this list of the 10 most popular analyst reports, ebooks and white papers. We are proud to offer such an extensive library (more than 40 items!) from top industry analysts and authors. Read More

Top 10 blog posts on big data and analytics from the first half of 2014

August 13, 2014
Data science has been called the “sexiest job of the 21st century,” and based on the posts you have been devouring on IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub, the old adage “sex sells” definitely applies. Three of the most popular blogs from the first half of 2014 are about data scientists, and three more are on Hadoop, which also leans toward the data side of discussions. Let’s review what else you really enjoyed. Read More

Top videos on big data and analytics from the first half of 2014

August 12, 2014
We are taking a week-long look at the most popular content on IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub for the first half of 2014. Here are the most-watched videos of the year so far, covering Hadoop, IBM Watson and use cases for big data. Read More

Top big data and analytics podcasts from the first half of 2014

August 11, 2014
Half of 2014 has already passed us by, but it was chock-full of educational, thought-provoking and sometimes inspiring content here on the IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub. All week long, we will be reviewing the most read, most watched and most listened to content so you can catch up on anything you may have missed. It’s even better than binge-watching “Breaking Bad” on Netflix! Read More

Hadoop: Where it's been and where it's going

June 13, 2014
Nearly 10 years ago, a little open source software project with a funny name came into being. Read More

What skills are needed for big data?

May 9, 2014
The gap between the demand for analytics talent globally and the supply of talent  is one of the key obstacles to big data implementations across all organizations. Read More

Managing the lifecycle of big data

April 11, 2014
You might not think of data as a living thing, but it does have a life cycle. For some data, it's fleeting, but other data may live for decades. How do you determine how long to keep data and how to handle it while it's in your care?  Read More

Building a big data team

March 28, 2014
Big data projects often involve exploring new business challenges and using new technology alongside existing applications. But who is doing this work? What skills and personalities are needed? Read More

Spelling "big data integration" from enterprise alphabet soup

March 14, 2014
When it comes to talking about big data technology, there's a big bowl of alphabet soup to digest: noSQL, EDW, HBASE, ETL, BI, ERP, JAQL and many others. Don't "Pig" out on the soup to the point where you break out in "Hives"—join us as we discuss the technology issues and help you understand what's needed to integrate big data. Our special guest for the chat is John Myers (@johnlmyers44), senior analyst for EMA’s business intelligence and data warehousing practice; moderating the chat will be @IBMbigdata. You can follow along—and join the discussion using the hashtag #BigDataMgmt.  Read More