Farrukh Khan
General Manager, Distribution Sector (Retail, CPG, Travel & Transportation), IBM Netezza & Big Data Platforms

For more than 18 years, Farrukh Khan has worked with retail, consumer goods and technology companies as a strategic consultant, product leader and entrepreneur to define, influence and deliver technology solutions focused on solving key business issues and inefficiencies. As General Manager, Distribution Sector (Retail, CPG, Travel & Transportation) for IBM’s Netezza and big data platforms, Farrukh leads IBM Distribution sector sales teams in positioning solutions to Business and Information Technology leaders across the world. He and his teams are positioning business solutions that leverage the Netezza and IBM big data platform to deliver increasing ROI to Distribution sector customers in the areas of customer interactions, supply chain, merchandising and operations. Farrukh holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management of Northwestern University and a BS and BA from Columbia University in Physics and Electrical Engineering.

Pushing the Envelope for Retailers: PureData System for Analytics

March 13, 2013
From a technology perspective, the average retail IT environment is typically struggling to maintain and provide value to its business users. PureData System for Analytics is the ticket to push the envelope on high value at a fraction of the cost. Read More

“One view of the customer” enabled by a data warehouse appliance

September 6, 2012
According to several research firms, 70% of traditional data warehousing/Business Intelligence projects were considered failures. Read More

Retailers who embrace the modern cross-channel shopper can become customer driven

January 24, 2012
In talking to customers, analysts and partners at the National Retail Federation “Big Show” last week, it was clear to me that retailers are trying to find the “holy grail” in the cross-channel retailing environment that offers “one view of the customer across all channels.” Power has shifted to consumers as shoppers use multiple devices to price-compare and use the store as a place that offers them convenience, instant access and price efficiency, but not much more. Loyalty seems to be a thing of the past. Read More

Are you really who I think you are?

December 8, 2011
The promise of higher online sales on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and throughout the holiday season creates a real incentive for retailers to improve their understanding of consumers. “If I can really narrow down and profile my customers better, I should be able to make them an offer they can’t refuse.” Read More