Graeme Noseworthy
Strategic Messaging Director - Big Data for Marketing, Media & Entertainment, IBM

Graeme Noseworthy is a marketer on a mission. Graeme’s sole focus is to develop and deliver the messaging and marketing that demonstrate the value that IBM’s PureData Systems & Big Data Platform deliver to digital marketing, media & entertainment professionals and their CMOs around the world. Before becoming a dedicated and passionate IBMer, Graeme worked as a Client Engagement Director at a Massachusetts based advertising agency where he lead the charge in opening up new lines of business and creating innovative content across a variety of industries and client types. Prior to working on the agency side, Graeme created and implemented the strategic marketing plans and programs for the Staffing Industry Segment at Monster Worldwide. Graeme is a graduate of Bridgewater State College and he has built a career by serving on the front lines of sales, business development and marketing operations for a series of industry leading high tech companies and marketing service providers. Read more about Graeme's career on LinkedIn or see what he is up to on Twitter at

Switching hats from media industry leader to media consumer

What would you do with your data?

September 19, 2014
At IBM Insight, we have sessions specifically geared to the media and entertainment industry—your industry. But, we don't want you to just come and listen to us talk about audience analytics and demand forecasting. We want you to switch hats so we can listen to you. Read More

How leading media companies increase customer value

September 9, 2014
Throughout the year, I’ve been participating in a series of day-long “Art of the Possible” sessions with clients that run the gamut of media and entertainment. I’ve met with cable companies, broadcast TV providers, movie studios, sports networks and beyond. Read More

Madison Avenue’s moonshot is fueled by 1s and 0s

June 26, 2014
The date is June 26, 1969. Mankind is getting ready to launch three brave astronauts into space; two of which will walk on the surface of the moon and change history forever. Meanwhile, another change is taking place: the rise of the computer in the workplace and the importance of applying data to decision making at high speed and high capacity across long distances. Such is the case in the world of advertising. Join us as we take “one small step” back in time to experience “one giant leap” in the origins of big data.  Read More

Beyond ratings: Applications of Hadoop in media and entertainment

June 4, 2014
The goal of moving beyond basic TV ratings and simple consumer demographics to establishing a secure analytics environment to integrate subscriber, set-top-box and third-party, enriched data in near real time is something leading media and entertainment organizations continue to embrace. After all, they need to deeply understand and predict consumer behavior to effectively drive growth and retention strategies. These strategies include the ability to better, more accurately reach consumers across viewing platforms and enable dynamic, personalized content delivery. Read More

From audiences to individuals: Gaining focus through advanced analytics

May 12, 2014
Leading media and entertainment companies need to stop guessing and start knowing. They need the ability to analyze all available data, from inside and outside the enterprise, as it is generated, in real time, at high velocity. They can no longer wait to analyze data after it’s been processed and landed in disparate warehouses that create gaps in audience insights and result in substantial challenges with delivering the relevance that drives performance.  Read More

The brave new world of marketing is pi-shaped

March 14, 2014
The two prongs of the pi-shaped marketers represent the “left brained and right brained" aspects of skill where the brand-experiential-emotional side of marketing meets the analytical-quantitative-technology side. This “modern marketer,” as Ashley Friedlein, CEO of Econsultancy, puts it, is a blend of the traditional and the digital. And now more than ever, marketers need to have both sides of that knowledge. Read More

In search of the triple win

January 31, 2014
By now you have, no doubt, read countless New Year’s big data prediction posts. I’m sure many of them gave you a well-informed look ahead to this year’s applications of advanced analytics and cognitive computing to help companies acquire, grow and retain customers. Read More

Applications of predictive analytics above the 85th parallel

December 10, 2013
Last year, I was lucky enough to interview the one and only Santa Claus during some deep-diving research into holiday marketing and seasonal retail trends. As I started to reflect on my exchange with jolly old St. Nick, I began to realize that Santa was primarily applying analytics for big data exploration and operations analysis. It seemed to me like something was missing. And so, it was time to reach out to him again. I knew I had to act quickly before he was ready to suit up, fly out and get his Christmas on. Read More

Predicting Relationships between Social Signals and Box Office Sales

November 1, 2013
In my last post, we explored how audience data sources from inside and outside of the media organization can be “unified and utilized” for game-changing applications such as demand forecasting f Read More

Movie Marketing Predictions for Opening Weekend Box Office

October 2, 2013
The power of the connected consumer, digital influence and ubiquitous distribution are among the factors requiring that movie studios increasingly focus on delivering audience intelligence capabilities to enable the media enterprise business teams. Read More