Graham Olsen
Finance Transformation Consultant , IBM

Broad Data - How to Use it and Where to Find it

October 25, 2013
In my first post I introduced the idea that most “big data” isn’t really big at all, and doesn’t conform to Gartner’s 3V’s.  Instead, I've suggested that there’s benefit in focussing on “broad data”, or the use of many different sources of data to give us richer information. We put forward 4O’s of broad data – original, obscure, overlapping and augmenting.  This post looks at how to use broad data, and where to find it. Read More

Not Big Data, but Broad Data

October 14, 2013
“Big data” is an area of intense interest in the IT change field right now.  CIO’s are being told that this is something they need to address, and lots of big data solutions are being bought and sold.  Cynics may feel that there is a lot of hype around big data, but many people clearly believe th Read More