James Kobielus
Big Data Evangelist, IBM

As IBM's big data evangelist, James Kobielus is IBM Senior Program Director, Product Marketing, Big Data Analytics solutions. He is an industry veteran, a popular speaker and social media participant and a thought leader in big data, Hadoop, enterprise data warehousing, advanced analytics, business intelligence, data management and next best action technologies.

Next Best Action in a Smarter Planet: Think Global, Optimize Local

April 30, 2012 | by James Kobielus, Big Data Evangelist, IBM
The planet is a huge place to optimize. Often, it's not clear, in a world divided among squabbling nations, where we should start. People-centric lifestyles are paramount. You should begin by making your own corner of the planet more livable. As the world rapidly urbanizes, the demand for Smarter...

High Powered Profiling: Emerging Best Practice for Big Data

April 25, 2012 | by James Kobielus, Big Data Evangelist, IBM
If you're not careful, your Big Data investment can degenerate from a strategic asset into an unmanageable burden. I'm not speaking about the potential complexity and cost of the underlying Big Data platform, though those are important concerns. What I'm referring to is the unfortunate tendency...

Big Data Analyst Crosses Over to the "Dark Side"? Hardly.

April 23, 2012 | by James Kobielus, Big Data Evangelist, IBM
This is just a quick introductory note to let you know that I have joined IBM as Senior Program Director, Product Marketing, big data analytics Solutions, within the Netezza  team. My core reason for joining IBM is that it’s a great company with a full portfolio of best-of-breed solutions and...