Jennifer McGinn
Big Data Product Marketing Manager
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Jennifer has been with IBM for 10 years and has held a diverse set of positions in GBS, SWG Product Management and SWG Product Marketing. Currently, Jennifer is the product marketing manager for the Big Data portfolio which includes InfoSphere BigInsights, InfoSphere Streams and InfoSphere Identity Insight solutions. Prior to joining the big data team Jennifer was responsible for global product marketing for our master data management solutions.

Hadoop and the big data opportunity

April 7, 2014
According to Forrester Research in their recent Hadoop Solutions Wave, “Hadoop is a solution to the problem of big data.” I have a slightly different take on this statement: "Hadoop is a solution to the opportunity of big data." Hadoop is effective for managing vast, diverse and varied data, and, when combined with data warehousing, security and visualization capabilities, Hadoop creates a modern data management strategy. Whether your business objectives are to monitor log files, understand customer sentiment, analyze click stream data or a number of other use cases, Hadoop may be the missing link in your architecture to capitalize on the opportunities presented by big data.   Read More

The best of MDM: Part one

October 11, 2013
Information On Demand 2013 boasts a stellar lineup of topics, speakers and activities for the Master Data Management track within the Information Management program. Delve into the MDM track to enjoy everything from industry case studies and technical deep dives to hands-on labs on governance, ROI, MDM styles and best practices- and, of course, let's not forget big data. Read More

Are You Confident in Your Data?

August 5, 2013
Meet Mr. Confident and Mr. Not-So-Sure. Both are living in a big data world, but only Mr. Confident is succeeding. Mr. Not-So-Sure struggles with understanding the context, completeness and risk associated with data. On the other hand, Mr. Read More

Visualizing Big Data: BDIG Forum in Pictures

February 18, 2013
The conversation at the New York Big Data, Integration & Governance Forum centered on 5 use cases for big data - captured in drawings.  Read More