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Joe Clabby has over 33 years in the IT industry in various positions. His background includes microprocessors, systems designs, infrastructure and middleware, systems management and business analytics.

Using data stream analysis in brain research at UCLA’s School of Medicine

March 21, 2014
I recently spoke with Dr. Paul Vespa, a professor of neurosurgery and neurology as well as director of neurocritical care at the University of California’s Los Angeles (UCLA) campus. The kind of work that Dr. Vespa and other colleagues do involves brain research (they collect vital signs information using a variety of sensors and track the dynamics of brain functions). Further, these doctors provide care for patients with critical brain injuries.  Read More

Using IBM Watson Foundations to read emotions

March 14, 2014
This week I met with Tim Llewellynn, CEO and cofounder of nViso, a world leader in facial imaging technology, to discuss how the company uses Watson Foundations (IBM Read More

An analyst’s examination of IBM Watson Foundations

February 28, 2014
On January 9, 2014 IBM announced that it was forming a new organization (the Watson Group) and investing a billion dollars ($1B!) in future Watson development. Read More

Big data analytics: The rise of the machines

October 21, 2013
At Clabby Analytics our most fundamental maxim is this: no single processor/system design does all jobs the most optimally. Some processors excel at processing serial tasks, other at parallel tasks and still others excel at processing data-intensive workloads. Bearing this maxim in mind, IT executives should take a closer look at how to process business analytics workloads. Read More