Kimberly Madia
Worldwide Product Marketing Manager, InfoSphere Streams

Kimberly Madia is a World Wide Product Marketing Manager for the IBM Big Data Portfolio, focused on InfoSphere Streams. She has been with IBM since 2001. Kimberly earned an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Allegheny College and an MBA in Strategy and Information Technology at Carnegie Mellon University. During her career at IBM, she has worked as a technical support representative and a business partner enablement manager. Currently, Kimberly is focused on developing solutions to support big data initiatives around stream computing and security intelligence. She has published numerous articles in IT publications and is a regular speaker at tradeshows, user groups and web conferences.

So you heard about Streams Quick Start—now what?

April 14, 2014
Join the exclusive Streams developer event April 17, 2014 Read More

Are you in the matrix?

April 11, 2014
The blurry line between cyber and physical security Unfortunately, no organization or county can escape security threats. Rapid urbanization, increasing strain on natural resources and evolving global terror threats are the reality. Read More

Data: To have and to hold?

April 8, 2014
Or to analyze, act and then move on? It’s time for a more open relationship. Now announcing Streams v3.2.1. Read More

Understanding the value of complex event processing

April 4, 2014
Until recently, the growth of complex event processing (CEP) outside of the financial industry was relatively moderate, with strong activity coming from the airlines for applications such as baggage handling. However, times are changing; business models are radically shifting and the volume, variety and velocity of data to be mined for business insight is growing exponentially across a broad spectrum of industries. How then can CEP help organizations with their business process management initiatives? And how does CEP fit into bigger trends in play? Read More

Dave Stodder, TDWI research director, talks streaming data analytics

March 31, 2014
The reality is all organizations have streaming data sources they can mine for insight. Do you have a website Are you interested in becoming more social? Do you have mobile business plan? If yes, then you have a need for real-time analytics. Read More

The evolution of complex event processing

March 27, 2014
A shift from queries to real-time actionable insight Complex event processing: Roots and origins Read More

Big data on wheels

February 12, 2014
Data automatically generated by cars provides a fantastic “fuel source” for big data and analytics. Read More

The world’s most revolutionary technology

January 15, 2014
Hats off to Communication Services Providers! In a recent Forrester Research survey, big data for real-time analytics is now the second most revolutionary technology. Read More

The rise of the cell phone - Prepare yourself for world domination with big data analytics

November 26, 2013
Did you know that next year, 2014, the number of mobile phones in the world will exceed the number of humans? Are you ready for the rise of the cell phone? Read More

Leverage big data analytics to improve enterprise security

November 11, 2013
Security concerns have never been more top of mind for business leaders, consumers and governments. The proliferation of the digital age impacts all aspects of life and is radically changing the way we think about security, in both the cyber and the physical world. Read More