Lorraine Fernandes
RHIA,Global Healthcare Industry Ambassador, IBM Information Management

Lorraine Fernandes is an international thought leader, accomplished author and respected public speaker on topics related to health information technology. She has published numerous articles on the impact of using information technology for the improvement of individual and population health. She has in depth knowledge about data exchange and data quality. Additionally, she has expertise in patient, provider and citizen identification related to patient safety, electronic health records and customer satisfaction. Lorraine is a principal liaison with international and US professional and industry agencies and IBM clients.

How do you find and define your customers in a big data environment?

October 23, 2014
Every day hundreds of articles and blogs are written about the theoretical value of big data, but many don’t offer actionable specifics. At IBM Insight on October 28, we are correcting this historical shortcoming and showcasing how big data (specifically Big Match) is enabling a single view of a customer in a Hadoop environment.   Read More

Big data in healthcare needs governance

June 25, 2014
Building confidence in the big data and analytic initiatives requires good governance. Data from a variety of sources, and in different formats, heightens the need for strong, proactive governance. Health information management professions area ideal candidates for this critical need.   Read More

Patient identification and matching: The journey continues

May 7, 2014
Patient identification and patient matching have been a decades-long challenge for the healthcare industry. Hear some of the recent industry activities addressing these challenges, as well as the UPMC case study.  Read More

3 steps to successful healthcare consumer engagement

March 28, 2014
There are many paths to actively engaging consumers in their health and wellness, and the ONC Patient Matching Final report provided yet another avenue. Read More

ONC Patient Identification and Matching Report: The journey continues

March 11, 2014
Patient matching requires a solution that includes people, process and technology. There is no silver bullet such as a national patient identifier. Read More

Real-time analytics: See it at HIMSS

February 20, 2014
HIMSS14 attendees are in for a treat this year; in addition to the amazing educational sessions and exhibits, visitors will have the opportunity to an exciting story about real-time analytics for research and data quality. Read More

Standardized patient matching: 8 findings for better results

February 7, 2014
In my last blog post I shared some of the background on the December ONC Patient Identification and Matching Stakeholder meeting, as well as barriers explored during the mee Read More

We don't have an algorithm problem—We have a data problem

January 24, 2014
The December 16, 2013 ONC Stakeholder meeting addressing patient identification and matching could best be summed up by a statement made early in the day’s discussions by Dr Scott Schumacher, chief scientist for MDM at IBM: “We don’t have an algorithm issue, we have a data quality issue.” As the Read More

What it means to be a pioneer in healthcare transformation

December 13, 2013
Recently I was the recipient of the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) 2013 Pioneer Award for my work over the years in advancing data standards, data quality and international hea Read More

Supporting governance requirements in healthcare data sharing

October 11, 2013
Recently I had a conversation with Julie Prough, Director, Enterprise Data Quality at UPMC about how her role has changed over the past five years and what healthcare transformation activities are underway at UPMC. At Information On Demand 2013 Julie will share details about how her group is supporting UPMC in their journey to transform healthcare through health information exchange (HIE) and clinical interoperability.  Read More