Marc Andrews
Vice President, Global Big Data & Analytics Industry Team, IBM

Marc Andrews leads a worldwide team of industry consultants, business value consultants and solution architects that are helping organizations take advantage of big data capabilities and use information and analytics more effectively to address their industry-specific business challenges. Marc’s career in the banking and financial markets industry started over 20 years ago, working in a retail banking branch, and then helping manage mutual fund portfolios for wealth management advisors. He has led multiple retail banking, commercial banking, wealth management, capital markets, and custodial banking projects.

Flexibility is key to a smooth big data and analytics journey

October 26, 2014
Embarking on a big data and analytics journey is like setting off on a worldwide tour. You have an idea of what you want to do and see, and what you’ll need, but you must be flexible—your adventure will undoubtedly take some unforeseeable turns! IBM’s new Big Data & Analytics Solution Accelerator offering provides you with access to a catalog of all the big data and analytics software that may be required throughout your journey, with the flexibility to leverage what you need, when you need it.   Read More

Smarter Digital Banking: Leveraging New Capabilities with Big Data

March 15, 2013
To better serve their customers, banks strive to understand the best way to anticipate their needs. A quick response to an emerging need can add short-term value to a new customer relationship or enhance a long-term one. Read More

Smarter Digital Banking: Big Data and Next Generation Banking

March 8, 2013
As the financial crisis continues, banks are adapting their business models to the “new normal.” But the path to get there will not be through traditional products and services. Banks must develop new, innovative products and services that add value to their customers in new and different ways. Read More