Matt Carter
Social Media Strategy Lead - Information Management, IBM
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As Social Media Strategy Lead for IBM's Information Management brand, Matt Carter focuses on B2B thought-leadership and content strategy, designing initiatives that engage on key marketplace themes and connect audiences to multimedia content and subject matter experts. As one of the founding members of the Social Intelligence Office, he has presented at several B2B Marketing and Social Analytics events and is actively engaged in several analytics projects. Connect with Matt on Twitter: @dmattcarter.

Real-time Actionable Insight and the Internet of Things

April 30, 2014
If day one at IBM Impact centered on the Composable Business Read More

Pardon the disruption: The new Composable Business

April 29, 2014
As we head into Day 2 of IBM Impact 2014 conference goers, both real and virtual, seem abuzz with the notion of Read More

Is 2013 the year of the data scientist?

December 17, 2013
In truth, the buzz began to build long before the start of 2013. An October 2012 article in the Harvard Business Review declared “Data Scientist: The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century." It goes on to describe the role in terms that place it somewhere between a data-swashbuckling Indiana Jones and super-sleuth, Sherlock Holmes.  Read More

Six new reasons to make the 2013 IOD Connect Social Lounge a must-do

September 12, 2013
In 2013, Information On Demand features a highly-interactive, newly-expanded, Connect Social Lounge on the Mandalay Bay Convention Center’s second floor. Previous attendees may remember the Connect Social Lounge as an area to network, plug in and recharge. This year, we’ve re-imagined the Connect Lounge as a physical space to foster engagement with big data and analytics, access content, encourage networking and, ultimately, spark relationship-building.   Read More

Friday Data Flick: Cloak and Data - Overcoming Big Data Security Challenges

June 7, 2013
We’re kicking off our new, Friday afternoon big data show!  Big Data Bytes (2pm ET each Friday) pairs IB Read More

5 Game-Changing Big Data Strategies

May 6, 2013
Though the true focus of IBM's 2013 Impact Conference is "mobile" technology, Eric Sall's Wednesday session on "5 Game-Changing Big Data Strategies" was standing-room only.  Sall is Vice President of Product Marketing for IBM Information Management and has been Read More

Accelerating Big Data to the Speed of Business: Highlights from the April 3rd Announcement

April 3, 2013
On April 3rd, IBM hosted a press, analyst and social influencer event in Almaden, California at the IBM Research Lab to introduce a new suite of IBM big data solutions, further expanding Read More

The Crowdsourced Editorial Calendar: You Drive the Content!

October 1, 2012
What big data questions would you like to assign our team of big data experts?  As we begin to flesh out our Q4 editorial calendar, we'd love get your input.  What types of use-cases are you most interested in?  What technologies do you find most intriguing? What topics would you like us cover? Read More

Thinking Inside the Box to become IBM's Big Data Hub

August 7, 2012
Visitors to IBM Netezza's "Thinking Inside the Box" may find something quite unexpected when they visit the site in the next few days.  "Thinking Inside the Box" is becoming the IBM "Big Data Hub". Read More

IBM Netezza Analytics - The 30 Second Explanation

October 26, 2011
For many, IBM Netezza Analytics is a bit of a mystery.  Is it a product?  Is it a component? How do I get it?  What can it do for me?  What does it cost? Read More