Michele Chambers
General Manager & VP Analytic Solutions, Netezza, an IBM Company

Michele is an entrepreneurial executive with 20 years of technology experience and is the General Manager & Vice President of Analytic Solutions at Netezza, an IBM Company. The Analytic Solutions team is responsible for working with customers to fully exploit the IBM Netezza appliance via scalable, high performance advanced analytics on IBM Netezza's parallel computing platform. Michele's passion is helping companies identify new areas to apply analytics, especially optimization, that drive high business value and create sustainable differentiation in the market. In her spare time, Michele, who is a single mother, loves to show her precocious tween the world and challenge him to make the world a better place by applying his mathematical talents to solve real world problems.

Real Innovators driving Real Value using IBM Netezza for Big Data Analytics

March 6, 2012
Digital Media companies are more than just marketing leaders. They are marketing innovators! In fact, when I think about the marketing service providers, content publishers and gaming firms we’ve talked to or worked with over the years, it’s easy to realize that they have been doing Big Data Analytics long before there was a catch phrase or the marketing buzz that exists today.   Read More

Big data analytics supercharging enterprise interest in R

February 27, 2012
The buzz around big data is driving further interest in the entire analytics market.  Applying analytics to big data is the driver behind creating new, game-changing business value for enterprises. New analytic techniques and tools are being introduced into the enterprise to help spur on the big data analytic challenges. At a market buzz level, many of these tools and approaches appear equivalent, but when you start to look into the details there are distinct benefits, both today and with the direction these tools are taking in the future, that will constrain your big data analytic capabilities. Read More

Analytic Innovators – Recognizing our favorite customers and collaborators

June 20, 2011
I wanted to take a moment to recognize our “Analytic Innovators”.  These companies have leveraged analytics with their IBM Netezza data warehouse appliances in truly innovative and game-changing ways.  These individuals are more than customers.  For us, they are our closest and most valued collaborators.  Thank you Analytic Innovators. Read More

Big Data. Is it all equal?

June 2, 2011
There is a huge diversity of data generating sources today, the Internet, sensors, operational systems, field systems, shop floor systems, etc.  All this data enters into a pipeline of data flowing into corporations that can clog up even the most sophisticated of companies. Do we need it all? Is it useful? Is all of this big data equally important? Let’s take a look at where the data comes from and how it can be used over time. Read More

Sipping from the Firehose: Advanced Analytics holds the key to insight for CMOs

May 3, 2011
CMOs today are inundated with massive quantities of data from external data providers and internal systems. Yet the still strive to find elusive answers to these questions: What new product can we introduce that will address new highly profitable emerging markets we’d like to enter? If we make this competitive maneuver, what are the most likely moves our competitors will make and how will that impact the entire market? The economy is collapsing in our highest profit region, what are the best actions to take now to backfill for that profit? What are the right messages to convey in our advertising that will positively impact the customer experience? How can we maximize our overall marketing budget and resources while simultaneously increasing revenue growth and customer loyalty? What are the right social networks to tap into to leverage and extend our reach? Read More