Mike Kearney
Sr. Product Marketing Director

Within IBM Netezza's product marketing team, Mike Kearney communicates product vision and strategy to a wide community including our customers and prospective customers, our business partners, industry analyst, and media. With more than 25 years experience in IT, Mike has worked in telecommunications, financial services, pharmaceutical, energy and manufacturing industries and for vendors of database, system management and web content management products.

Simply Improving Decision-Making

October 4, 2013
I will be attending InterConnect 2013 in Singapore from 9 to 11 October where big data analytics will be central to discussions. Read More

Share to Unlock Data’s Potential

May 7, 2013
Common themes of many big data success stories are the imperative to analyze data in motion (generated by customers, instrumented devices and sensors), and to combine these newly acquired data with one or more historic data sets. Read More

Driving Down the Price of Risk

April 16, 2013
Companies that insure our road vehicles request information including the driver’s age, gender (no longer legal in Europe), claims history and the ZIP or post code where the vehicle is parked at night. On this narrow data set, insurers construct an analytic model used to assess and price risk. Read More

Unselfish Shellfish Share Data

March 26, 2013
  Big data delivers information via dashboards to oyster farmers, giving them new insights to help optimize their crops and produce safe, healthy seafood. Read More

Building a Road for Big Data

March 7, 2013
Progress demands that periodically we commit to infrastructure projects that create the conditions for innovation and delivering value. Mike Kearney draws parallels between the 19th century development of Australia, and its subsequent rewards, to 21st century big data projects. Read More

Spreading Simplicity

January 24, 2013
The story behind how IBM Netezza data warehouse appliance became IBM PureData System for Analytics, and the new performance benchmarks it set along the way. Read More

When a Single Version of the Truth is a Job Half Done

November 19, 2012
For 27 years, at a site bordered to its south by the bank of the Moskva River, a deep hole and sparse foundations spoke of a country whose resources proved insufficient fuel for its leader’s vanity. Read More

Horses for Courses

August 10, 2012
A road trip to the Kimberley Read More

Improving Service Quality to Lift Profits in the Communications Industry

July 20, 2012
To understand some challenges facing the communications industry and how our customers create value by analyzing large volumes of data, I spoke with Raquel Katigbak - an IBM business solutions executive specializing in the industry. Read More

Informing the Demand Side: Opening Data Warehouses to Collaborative Applications

June 8, 2012
As our populations grow in a world of limited resources governments and individuals seek ways to lighten our load on the planet.  In the Smart Grid R&D Program, PNNL investigates how modernizing the electric grid can help the US meet its carbon management goals. In The Smart Grid: An Estimation of the Energy and CO2 Benefits, a team from PNNL identify nine mechanisms by which the Smart Grid will reduce carbon emissions by 442 million metric tons, or 12 per cent, by 2030. Making the grid smart will save the nation the equivalent of 66 coal power stations, or enough electricity to power 70 million of today's homes. PNNL’s Smart Grid is probably the largest consumer collaboration underway in the US and this collaboration - addressing the information needs of both supply and demand sides of electricity economics - contributes enormously to the success of the program. Consumers on the grid receive real-time pricing and these signals inform their decisions on how and when they consume electric power. PNNL’s report attributes a quarter of the total saving to the conservation effect of consumer information and feedback systems. Read More