Paula Wiles Sigmon
Program Director for InfoSphere Portfolio Marketing

Paula Wiles Sigmon, Program Director for InfoSphere Portfolio Marketing at IBM, has focused on product marketing and product management for information integration solutions for most of her 25 year software career—at IBM, Ascential Software, Mercator Software and Cognitive Systems. Previously, in the telecommunications industry, she held technical and marketing management positions at MCI International and Western Union International. Paula studied at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, and holds an MA from the University of Washington, an MBA from Fairleigh Dickinson University, and a BA from Agnes Scott College.

From IT drudgery to IT freedom

December 3, 2014
What are the opportunities of data refinement from the IT point of view? Does self-service data refinement devalue IT? Does it simply create more work for IT, cleaning up after business users who have run amuck? Read More

Declaring data independence

September 26, 2014
Before business users can start to analyze data and consider the next best actions to improve results, it is typically required to submit a request for the data. Depending on the backlog of requests to IT, the business user might have to wait days, weeks or more before moving ahead with analysis and action. How do you overcome this constraint? Read More

Get off the fence and get insight!

July 29, 2014
In the world of big data, the elephant is king. Hadoop, whose elephant logo has become the face of big data, has been joined in the big data jungle by many friends: Pig, Jaql and even a ZooKeeper to keep them all in line. The entire big data jungle will be making a trip to Las Vegas in October for the world’s largest big data conference: IBM Insight. Read More

Starting with a clean slate: The new chief data officer

July 22, 2014
How should the new CDO get started with collaborating, prioritizing and spearheading an organization’s efforts to put data at the center of its business?  The new ebook, "Insights for the new chief data officer," provides insights derived from interviews and interactions with a number of early CDOs, as well as from related IBM studies and the experiences of information professionals across multiple industries, as well as recommendations for the CDO in three broad areas: strategic alignment with the business, data strategy development and project prioritization.  Read More

Toasting information governance: To your health!

May 21, 2014
Information governance offers benefits like efficient operations, rapid compliance and a 360 degree view to organizations across all industries. In healthcare, information governance also helps to improve health outcomes for patients. Read More

From sandbox to massive scale: Getting it right the first time

February 26, 2014
When IBM announced innovations in information integration and governance for big data last fall, we IBMers believed we were on to something. Read More

Taking the plunge with a chief data officer

February 11, 2014
An interview with a chief data officer (CDO) provides insights into a hot, new role, its key priorities and challenges, and its potential for delivering value to the business. Read More

Fueling cognitive systems with trusted data

February 4, 2014
Travel in time from early artificial intelligence, to Watson, to Watson Foundations, as cognitive systems evolve from powerful concept to valuable reality built on a foundation that enables fresh insights from trusted data. Read More

Govern big data in the sandbox? High performers say yes

January 14, 2014
In 2012, many organizations were trying to understand the meaning of big data. Now, most know what it is, but they don’t know how to leverage big data to help drive their own success. Read More

Data confidence, decisions and guide dogs

November 18, 2013
For a business person who has struggled to take responsible action based on questionable data, there is something immensely energizing about the arrival of information that is clear, relevant and well founded.  Even if the data brings bad news, the facts themselv Read More