Phil Francisco
VP Product Management & Marketing

Phil Francisco, IBM Netezza's VP of Product Management & Product Marketing, divulges insights on new products from IBM Netezza, its partners and competitors. This blog takes IBM Netezza's corporate product marketing message a step further, providing humor, cultural anecdotes and deep technical knowledge in clean, simple speak, and is a must-read for anyone interested in IBM Netezza or other data warehouse offerings.

The Logical Data Warehouse: Smart Consolidation for Smarter Warehousing

October 24, 2011
I’ve previously written how in the early part of 2011 we worked with technology and marketing leaders across IBM’s portfolio to define and launch a new strategy for data warehousing and analytics. Our objective is to meet today’s enterprise needs with agility to deal with whatever the future brings – flexibly, simply and without requiring that our customers overhaul their data center infrastructures. Read More

Heading to IOD in Vegas, Baby!

October 23, 2011
With all the preparations complete and the presentations, meetings and events all scheduled there’s finally a chance to reflect. So I thought I would provide some thoughts from 35,000 feet, while winging my way to the IBM Information On Demand 2011 show in Vegas. Read More

Smart Consolidation for Smarter Computing

June 22, 2011
On Monday I wrote of our motivations to develop a new strategy: “Smart Consolidation for Smarter Computing”. Following my keynote session at Enzee Universe ’11 I’m ready to share details. The Smart Consolidation strategy simplifies infrastructure, freeing enterprises to deploy analytics rapidly across new forms of data, with more varied applications to large communities of users. Read More

IBM’s “Smart Consolidation” – Rethinking the EDW

June 19, 2011
This week at the IBM Netezza Enzee Universe show in Boston, we’re taking the covers off IBM’s strategy for data warehousing and analytics and we’ll be talking about what that’s going to mean for the joint product portfolio.   Read More

Netezza Inside IBM

April 21, 2011
Greetings! Realizing it’s been a while since I last posted here I thought it was important to confirm that yes, Netezza is alive and doing quite well as a part of IBM, post-acquisition as we launch into our second full fiscal quarter as a part of the team. Without sharing company-confidential specifics, we have seen tremendous growth in our team’s size – in the sales channel, marketing and our R&D lineup and the expansion of markets via the reach of IBM’s global sales engine has obviously been excellent. We continue to aggressively pursue (and accelerate) the Netezza product roadmap to continue Netezza’s lead in innovation and industry-leading price/performance for data warehouse and analytic appliances. Read More

What Is More Stunning: the Lack of Analysis or the Blatant Boosterism?

November 11, 2010
This is what greeted me on my return from the IBM Information On Demand show in Las Vegas, like an early “Trick or Treat” gift on the cusp of Halloween. On Thursday, our good friends at Oracle had launched a new ad in their “traditional spot” at the bottom of page one of the Wall Street Journal (in photo at right). And on catching the ad in the morning, our receptionist Maureen had had the great good sense not to pollute our lobby by putting the paper out in the waiting area. And both Netezza and Teradata figured prominently in the ad. “Stunning,” it said. “Wiped the floor,” it said. “300x faster,” it said. And all from a report by the reputable Wall Street firm, Piper Jaffray. Now exactly what was all this about? It wasn’t a question of “if” our friends from Redwood Shores were stretching the truth, but exactly “how.” Read More

Perhaps You've Heard the News?

September 20, 2010
This morning, I’m posting from the floor of Oracle Open World at the Moscone Center in San Francisco – and no, this is not yet another blog about Mark Hurd teaming up with Larry Ellison. Rather, it seems pretty safe to assume that if you’re reading this today, you’ve already heard some bit of the news of announcement by IBM and Netezza to enter into a definitive agreement for IBM to acquire Netezza. If not, then I’ve just “broken” some news to a small subset of my readers. This is a watershed day for Netezza. I think both IBM and we look to this prospective merger as a way to take analytics mainstream by extending the IBM portfolio of workload optimized offerings. The complementary nature of IBM’s and Netezza’s existing relationship makes this ideal for our employees, customers and shareholders. Netezza appliances are developed on IBM’s systems technology and combined with IBM software they power hundreds of clients’ enterprise applications around the globe. Quoting our CEO Jim Baum, Netezza’s, “appliances have set the standard for performance and simplicity in data warehousing and analytics.” Read More

Four Fundamental Differences Between TwinFin and Exadata

August 4, 2010
Today Netezza is launching a new eBook entitled, “Oracle Exadata and Netezza TwinFin™ Compared”. As the name implies, this eBook provides a comparison of the Netezza TwinFin data warehouse appliance and Oracle’s “appliance-like” database machine offering. Certainly Netezza is not the first company to compare/contrast its flagship system with Oracle’s most recent entry. Richard Burns, a consultant over at Teradata did a laudable job exposing the technical shortcomings of the Exadata v2 machine as they pertain to data warehousing in a May 2010 whitepaper. And there have been several recent pieces written on Oracle’s apparent success although the publicly named customer-list has struck some as a bit underwhelming. Netezza continues to compete (and win) against Oracle regularly in the marketplace, including in competition with the Exadata v2 product and so, we felt it was high time to put our own comparison story together with today’s eBook and with this little blog posting. Let me know what you think. Read More

Hadoop & Netezza: Synergy in Data Analytics - PART 2

July 22, 2010
I mentioned in my previous post that Netezza is excited about our partnership with Cloudera and Hadoop because we’ve already seen some of our customers benefit from the synergy of Hadoop and Netezza TwinFin™ technologies working together. As I noted, these types of strategies play to the strengths of both technologies and roughly break down into two categories: 1) the use of a Hadoop Cluster for data ingestion, and 2) using a Hadoop Cluster for long-term data retention, which I’m addressing today. Read More

Hadoop & Netezza: Synergy in Data Analytics Results in New Customer Deployment Trends - PART 1

July 20, 2010
Two things before I begin: I’ll begin this posting with a call for inputs. Below I will list a few of the most common Hadoop/Netezza co-existence deployment patterns we have seen to date. But I would like to hear from others. As you see the continuing deployment of Hadoop in the enterprise and as the Second Wave of TwinFin™ comes on with the advanced analytics capabilities of i-Class, how do you see the evolving deployment patterns happening in your environment? A special hat-tip to Krishnan Parasuraman, Netezza’s Chief Architect for our Digital Media group, for his excellent help in aiding and abetting this post! I have used his guidance gratefully and (with his permission) stolen freely from some of his inputs. You may have noticed a partnership announcement made by Cloudera and Netezza late last week. Together with Cloudera, Netezza will open up data movement and transformation between Cloudera’s Distribution for Hadoop and the Netezza family of appliances applications and data flows for integration of the two systems. We expect that our partnership with Cloudera, together with the Hadoop support in Netezza’s i-Class™ set of advanced analytics capabilities that are included as part of the upcoming release 6.0 software release, will lead to some very innovative and expansive applications for our customers and for both companies. Read More