Robert Routzahn
Marketing Manager, InfoSphere Information Server Team, IBM

Robert Routzahn brings 17 years of marketing, product management, sales and consulting experience as a member of IBM's Information Integration and Governance team. He has worked across multiple industries helping clients translate their business requirements into technical specifications for new products and features. He has also spent a considerable portion of his career focused on helping clients realize the business benefits they expect from their technology investments. Robert resides in the Chicago area and enjoys the unique challenges of raising two teenagers.

Governance is not optional in big data analytics

October 3, 2014
Confidence in data is essential regardless of the bigness of the data being analyzed. In order to make business decisions based on the analysis of data, you need to be sure that the information upon which you are making those decisions is trustworthy. Read More

Data governance: Finding, securing and defending the right needle in the haystack

March 4, 2014
Organizations know that there are insights hidden within data that can be the key to uncovering new sources of competitive advantage. Some of the data is proprietary and some is public, or quasi-public. Some of that data is traditional structured data, and some is unstructured, unformatted. Read More

Trusting your data: data integration and quality sub-track preview

September 11, 2013
In order to capitalize on their big data, companies must successfully deal with the Four V's, and determine whether their big data is true, good and trustworthy. The Data Integration and Quality sub-track of Information Integration and Governance in the IOD Information Management forum deals with how to address this big data using IBM InfoSphere Information Server solutions. Read More