Scott Groenendal
Program Director, Category Marketing - Big Data & Analytics , IBM
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Scott Groenendal is Program Director for the IBM Big Data & Analytics portfolio of software, hardware, services and research. As such, he directs the overall strategy, vision and message for how IBM structures and delivers their comprehensive role-based solution offerings. Having joined IBM in 2009 as a part of the SPSS acquisition, he has spoken at engagements around the world about IBM’s vision for how Big Data & Analytics is revolutionizing the way businesses leverage new and existing data to better personalize the customer experience, improve business and management processes, maximize IT economics and proactively mitigate the various risks and threats facing organizations every day.

A possible solution to the over-hyped data scientist

May 14, 2014
The need for a data scientist is all the rage right now. At every marketing conference I go to, companies are clamoring for their skills, but the supply and demand is not coming to the needed equilibrium. We are faced with the choice of continuing to wait, or to employ a solution that is already at our fingertips.  Read More

Confusing "busy" with "effective"

January 24, 2014
Children are such a glorious creation; being a parent of three (eight, seven and five) I’m allowed to pass judgments like these. They can bring so much joy and so much frustration at the same time. And they are absolutely amazing to observe. Take chores for example: asking them to clean their room, brush their teeth or vacuum the floor is often more work than actually doing it yourself. They confuse looking busy (i.e. pushing the vacuum back and forth in the same area for 10 minutes) for actually being productive. But, these are the trials of a parent. We’ve got to help teach them.  Read More