Siva Anne
Software Architect - IBM Analytics, IBM

Siva Anne is a software architect with IBM Analytics. His 20+ years of expertise spans across enterprise architectures, big data analytics, machine learning frameworks and cloud platforms.

Analyze Clickstream Data with IBM EventStore for Customer Insights

Analyze clickstream data with IBM EventStore for customer insights

August 15, 2017 | by Siva Anne, Software Architect - IBM Analytics, IBM
Typically, ingesting streaming event data, persisting with low latency and analyzing it along with historical event data requires integrating multiple analytic systems. IBM EventStore is purpose built to simplify the complexity of harnessing event data with a single system. Its unique architecture...
Web Analytics with IBM EventStore: Ingest Streaming Web Events Data

Web analytics with IBM EventStore: Ingest streaming web events data

August 7, 2017 | by Siva Anne, Software Architect - IBM Analytics, IBM
Universal connectivity is fueling streams of event data from a variety of event sources. Increasingly, organizations are developing and deploying event driven applications to harness the growing volumes of event data. IBM EventStore offers a scalable integrated system for enterprises to ingest,...
Ingest and Analyze Streaming Event Data at Scale with IBM EventStore

Ingest and analyze streaming event data at scale with IBM EventStore

July 31, 2017 | by Siva Anne, Software Architect - IBM Analytics, IBM
In the connected world of today’s digital economy, apps, IoT devices, vehicles, appliances and servers are generating endless stream of event data. The stream of events describes what is happening over time and offers the opportunity to track and analyze things as they happen.