Susan Visser
IM Publishing Program Manager, IBM
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Susan’s official title at IBM is “Publishing Program Manager.” She helps authors publish books, articles and blogs about IBM products or solutions. Susan focuses both on published retail books, ebooks, custom books (aka flashbooks) and developerWorks in the Information Management area. The articles and books under Susan's management create awareness for IBM products and build skills that are required for people to use these products. Susan has written two books, so she understands how much work is involved in becoming an author. To help promote the books, articles and other educational offerings, Susan turned to blogging, tweeting and other social media outlets. She began blogging before it was cool and blogs regularly. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ were natural additions to blogging and have resulted in Susan working to build the social strategy for new launches.

Captain Phillips at IBM Insight

October 28, 2014
This year at IBM Insight, we’ll hear from Captain Phillips, who underwent a harrowing ordeal involving pirates off the coast of Africa. Maybe you saw the movie starring Tom Hanks? Read More

New and notable books at IBM Insight

October 27, 2014
October is not only a busy time for conferences, but it is also a busy time for book publishing! The bookstore at IBM Insight will offer hundreds of different titles for you to browse and purchase (often at a great discount), and, in a Read More

Cloudy with a high probability of BLU

April 30, 2014
It’s powerful, fast, agile, simple and affordable for everyone; It’s BLU Acceleration for Cloud. Still in beta, BLU is continually being enhanced with fixes and new features. Read More

Let's go to the IOD bookstore

November 1, 2013
Come visit our very large Information On Demand bookstore filled with carefully selected books that will appeal to all attendees of IOD.  Read More

Women in Technology at IOD

October 28, 2013
I'm looking forward to meeting with many talented women from across our industry to share ideas and stories to inspire, motivate and encourage one another while at IOD this year. A great place to shart is at the Women in Technology session led by Inhi Cho Suh.  Read More

Free Books at IOD

October 28, 2013
Rather than giving out t-shirts or trinkets at conferences, IBM has been investing in creating books on key IBM products written by product experts. These books are affectionately known as “Flashbooks,” but not because they are flashy. Flashbooks are short, easy to read, small-format books that are published by our various publishing partners, and you can find these fascinating resources at IOD. Read More

IOD Meetup: NoSQL, MongoDB and Big Data

October 15, 2013
If you are interested in NoSQL, MongoDB, Big Data or cloud, then don't miss the meetup on Wednesday, Nov 6 at 6 p.m. in the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. This event is open to everyone and is your chance to chat with industry leaders from MongoDB and IBM. Read More

BLU Acceleration at IOD 2013

October 2, 2013
Come to IOD to learn about BLU Acceleration!  There are 14 technical sessions, 5 hands-on labs and 2 demos taking place to help you learn how this game-changing software can take you to places you’ve never been before. It doesn’t matter where you are on the learning curve, at IOD this year you’ll find a session and speaker who can transport you to the next level. Read More

Workload Management for Growing Data

September 9, 2013
The sheer amount of data your business deals with continues to grow. And you have to make sure that data is handled properly through a solid data governance program to keep it clean, accurate and accessible to the right people. Read More

What can you expect at Information On Demand 2013?

September 4, 2013
IBM’s Information On Demand conference takes place in November this year, and we are very busy planning an awesome conference for you! The theme this year is: Business insights to outsmart & outperform so come out to improve your skills, gain best practices, explore new technology, experience unrivalled networking and take home actionable next steps. Read More