Sushil Pramanick
Sr. Managing Consultant for Business Analytics & Optimization Practice, IBM
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Sushil Pramanick is the Founder and Chairman of The Big Data Institute (TBDI), a premier source for big data analytics and data science topics. Sushil is also part of IBM GBS Big Data Practice and thought leadership team. He was recently ranked #6 globally as Social Influencer on Big Data. He can be reached at or at Find his profile on LinkedIn @ and follow him on Twitter @bigdataspeaker . See more of his posts at:

Big Data Acts as Octane to Acquire, Grow, Retain Customers

October 21, 2013
At the start of this year, I had discussed in my blog post “Is Customer the King? Read More

Starting Your Big Data Lab for a POC

September 16, 2013
In continuation of my previous blog post, “6 Steps to Start Your Big Data Journey,” I want to address here the question “How should you start your big data journey?” Read More

Addressing Big Data Security

September 4, 2013
Data security rules have changed in the age of big data. The V-Force (Volume, Velocity and Variety) has changed the landscape for data processing and storage in many organizations. Read More

The Hadoop data warehouse – A wake-up call for traditional EDW

August 21, 2013
The era of “big data” represents new challenges to businesses. Incoming data volumes are exploding in complexity, variety, speed and volume, while legacy tools have not kept pace. In recent years, a new tool – Apache Hadoop – has appeared on the scene. Read More

Using Big Data Analytics in Healthcare Payer Industry

June 11, 2013
Big data means different things for different industries. The definition also differs within an organization, across departments and management layers within IT and business. Within IBM, big data spans four dimensions: volume, velocity, variety and veracity. Read More

How Can You Use Big Data?

May 22, 2013
One of the key best practices for successful implementation of a big data analytics solution is to validate the business use case for big data. It will help organization with two important aspects for success: 1. Keeping the scope limited Read More

6 steps to start your big data journey

April 12, 2013
Move beyond the buzzwords and cross the start line on your big data journey. Sushil Pramanick offers 6 crucial steps for answering the "what, where and how do I start" questions. Read More

10 Big Data Implementation Best Practices

March 21, 2013
Big data is still relatively new with many organizations, and its significance in business processes and outcome has been changing every day. Here are some of the key best practices that implementation teams need to increase the chances of success. Read More

Using Big Data Analytics in Healthcare

February 26, 2013
Compared to other industries, healthcare has been a late adopter of technology. To realize the true potential value of big data in healthcare, the industry will need major structural changes, including legislative reforms, incentives, privacy laws, reimbursement and incentive schemes. Read More

Is Customer the King? In Retail, Analytics Say "Yes"

January 22, 2013
The customer-driven movement is getting stronger and stronger, and it’s about more than service—it’s about the experience you provide. The customer has indeed become the king for retailers, and smart retailers are using big data analytics to offer customized and personalized services and product. Read More