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Distilling the Signal from the Noise with Nate Silver

November 1, 2012
We all need an attitude adjustment when it comes to analytics. Read More

Assess Your Organization’s Analytical Smarts

September 17, 2012
Analytics is a deciding factor that determines whether organizations succeed or fail. Those able to effectively manage, store and tap information for game-changing insights can capitalize on virtually endless opportunities. Read More

IBM’s Social Sentiment Index Crowns Andy Murray & Serena Williams as Social Champions

July 10, 2012
According to fans on Twitter, Wimbledon women's champion, Serena Williams, and men's finalist, Andy Murray, have been crowned the most popular social players from the 2012 Wimbledon Championships Read More

Is There a Better Option?

April 9, 2012
Is there a better option? Not a comment you ever want a customer to utter to themselves, especially in competitive industries such as telecommunications, banking, retail or insurance. Read More

No Mulligans Necessary with Smarter Analytics

April 6, 2012
FORE! Golf is all about analytics. As you watch golf on television or take "a good walk spoiled" yourself, think about all of the data calculations made before the right club is selected to hit a golf ball on the tee or fairway: Read More

Ushering in a New Age of Enlightenment

April 5, 2012
In 18th century Europe, a group of intellectuals seized control of reason to challenge the systems of power and faith. Read More