Tracey Mustacchio
VP WW Marketing, Information Management, IBM

Tracey Mustacchio has over 20 years of experience in marketing, business development and product management. She has a long track record of helping companies find their niche and become a dominate player in a market. Tracey is currently responsible for overseeing WW Marketing of IBM's Information Management division. Prior to the IBM acquisition, Tracey was Vivisimo's CMO and led all of Vivisimo's marketing and product management functions, including go-to-market-strategy, public relations and lead generation. Prior to joining Vivisimo, Tracey held senior level marketing and product management positions at TraceSecurity, Secure Software (acquired by Fortify Software), McAfee, and Business Evolution (acquired by Kana), as well as operating her own strategic marketing consultancy, which specialized in providing marketing and product management consulting to high growth companies.

A new way of thinking about big data

March 3, 2014
2014 has been hailed as the year when big data adoption goes mainstream. As adoption accelerates, I’m starting to see a change in the thinking about big data. More and more business and government leaders seem to be taking a step back and asking questions like these: Read More

The big data twelfth man

January 28, 2014
"Don't we already have a data warehouse solution?" "Is big data even relevant to our organization?" "Why do we need it?" "Isn't big data costly and hard to implement?" Read More

Turning Customer Data into Currency

September 19, 2012
According to InformationWeek, “90% of respondents use conventional databases as the primary means of handling data.” The data that companies are amassing today, however, is complex, diverse and continually growing, and they struggle to manage it effectively. Read More

Big Data for Multiple Touches, Multiple Sales

August 31, 2012
Customer interactions today are no longer relegated to one-touch passes. Companies have numerous touch-points and are constantly looking for add-on sale opportunities. Car dealerships don’t stop at selling a car–they sell additional warranty, service contracts, insurance and accessories. Read More

Big Data and Ambient Analytics

August 8, 2012
The term “big data” implies that size is the single distinguishing characteristic of the raw digital chaff from which businesses must now extract the wheat of actionable information. Read More