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Solving for Segmentation: Is Big Data "X"?

July 31, 2013
“Customer segmentation is the core approach that drives modern target marketing. And when you’re talking segmentation, it’s not long before marketing people start to lump potential customers into various generational, demographic, psychographic, lifestyle, and other oversimplified breakdowns. But you dare not tell the customers to their face how you’re grouping and targeting them. They may not recognize or appreciate the stereotypes you’ve assigned to them. But, from your point of view as a marketing pro, is there any meaningful alternative? Is there any approach other than traditional segmentation practices that helps you identify the specific clusters of product features preferred by distinct customer groupings?” [Excerpt from: Generational Segmentation has Become a Marketing Industry Joke] In our recent #CXO Twitterchat, Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, Ph.D, led the tribe through an intense, Twitter-trending conversation on “Solving for Segmentation: Is Big Data X." Here's a glimpse: Read More

Pillars of Experience Design

July 25, 2013
“Typically, we focus on using all available data to create win-win scenarios in which we turn insights into relevance as customers progress through the purchase funnel. The fact is that those insights can be used to do more than just deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. Leading organizations are rethinking their data environments to create new value – using analytics and social and mobile technologies to innovate customer lifecycles, create differentiated experiences and engage with key stakeholders in and around the C-Suite." [Adpated from: Big Data in Marketing: Creating New Opportunities for Collaboration]   In our last #cxo Twitterchat, featured guest Lynn Teo, Chief Experience Officer at McCann Erickson, joined us as we discussed “Pillars of Experience Design.” Here is a snippet of that discussion. Read More

Twitterchat: Data Driven Marketing

July 17, 2013
“In an era of big data, consumers now expect more of brands – not just good service, but hyper-personalized and high-value service.  With analytics, marketers can actually predict precise moments to engage customers with the right information or right suggestion in a personalized, authentic way. Marketing then feels less intrusive and more like a welcomed service.” [Adapted from: Accuracy and efficacy of (data) analysis is the biggest concern’: Virginia Sharma, IBM] In our last twitterchat, guest Banafsheh Ghassemi, VP, Marketing - CRM & Customer Experience at The American Red Cross, joined us as we discussed “Data Driven Marketing.” See some of that conversation. Read More

The Future of Retail

July 11, 2013
"By using information to provide exceptional customer experiences, whether online or in a store, retailers will be able to attract more loyal customers and engage them in an ongoing relationship rather than a series of isolated transactions. The challenge facing all retailers is how to successfully use Big Data to understand their customers and grow sales. The information is already out there. Now it needs to be optimized, analyzed and leveraged, and that will require shifts in how retailers operate." [Adapted from: Big Data Bling How Economy and Analytics are Driving Jewelry Sales]   In our last #CXO twitterchat, guest Doug Stephens, the founder of Retail Prophet, led a lively discussion on “The Future of Retail.” Here is a snapshot of that discussion. Read More

Where is the #CIO in the Customer Experience?

July 8, 2013
According to research by the CMO Council, "both marketers (85 percent) and IT executives (85 percent) say the relationship between the two is critical to the execution of customer-centric programs." With customers securely fastened in the driver’s seat. it’s imperative that the CIO, CMO and CCO join forces and collaborate. Customers are producing mounds of data that CMOs and CCOs need to personalize customer interactions. The onus is then on the CIO and his team to ensure they provide access to this customer data. In our last Twitterchat, guest Tim Crawford, CIO Strategic Advisor, led the conversation as we discussed “Where is the CIO in the Customer Experience?” Here is a snippet of that discussion. Read More

Smarter Digital Banking and Big Data

June 27, 2013
The challenge banks face today is harnessing and utilizing all the data at their disposal. "With the incredible growth of the mobile channel, banks are working to provide value-added services and increase customer intimacy through mobile solutions. "As a result, they will receive even more data relating to customer behavior and geo-location, which may uncover even deeper customer insight." [Excerpt from Smarter Digital Banking: Leveraging New Capabilities with Big Data]. In our last #CXO chat, Brett King, CEO/Founder of Moven and author of Bank 3.0, joined us as we discussed “Smarter Digital Banking and Big Data.” Here is a glimpse of that conversation. Read More

Mastering the Global Customer Experience

June 21, 2013
The Internet and social media have done an excellent job of fading borders and melding people across regions, borders and countries. Yet there are still distinct differences in how different regions and countries conduct business and how they approach customer experience. The Temkin group recently gauged global interest in customer experience and discovered that the “U.S., UK and New Zealand show the strongest interest in customer experience matters.” Customer returns in the Caribbean, for example, are almost non-existent. If you’re lucky, you may get store credit! The question then is how do businesses master an exceptional global customer experience amidst varying cultural and business norms? In our last Twitterchat, featured guest Michelle Batt, customer experience consultant, led the discussion on mastering the global customer experience. Here is a glimpse of the conversation. Read More

Influence Marketing and the Customer Experience

June 17, 2013
“We live in an influence economy. For chief marketing officers (CMO), the next best action must always be to engage the right mix of influential parties–including channels, customers, bloggers, tweeters, industry analysts and other opinion shapers–at every point in time. As influencers multiply, however, it’s getting harder for CMOs to sort through the field to find the specific ones with the most clout that you must engage further.” [Excerpt from Next Best Action in the Influence Economy]  In our last #CXO chat, Danny Brown and Sam Fiorella, co-authors of Influence Marketing: How to Create, Manage and Measure Brand Influencers in Social Media Marketing, joined us as we discussed Influence Marketing and the Customer Experience.  Read More

The Path to Legendary Customer Experiences

June 10, 2013
Creating a customer experience that customers remember for years and talk about in hushed tones is seemingly elusive. And with customers today having even more choices, being more demanding, and better informed, companies are hard-pressed to create legendary customer experiences.What then are the pillars of legendary customer experience? And how can companies sustain and maintain this high level of service for years? In our recent twitterchat, special guest Diana Oreck, Vice President, Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center at The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Centers, joined us as we discussed “The Path to Legendary Customer Experiences. Read More

The Big Data Impact on Customer Experience

May 22, 2013
Researchers say that “by 2020 we will have 35 zettabytes of data created annually” – facebook, twitter, emails, videos and more. With all this data available and customers' ever-increasing demands, how we use and what we do with this data now become critical as we shape customer experience. Knowing the right strategy, and having the right tools and people to access, connect, and derive insight from data are key steps in leveraging big data. In our recent #CXO twitterchat, guests Viktor Mayer-Schõnberger and Kenneth Cukier, co-authors of Big Data, A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work, and Think, joined us as we discussed “The Big Data Impact on Customer Experience.” Take a peek at that conversation.   Read More