Ven Kumar
Senior Managing Consultant, Big Data and Analytics Practice, IBM

Ven Kumar is a Senior Managing Consultant with IBM's Big Data and Analytics Practice. Ven specializes in big data architecture and analytics, Cloud Computing , Enterprise architecture, Mobile and Web 2.0 technologies. He has over 15 years of industry experience in retail, consumer packaged goods, high-tech manufacturing and e-commerce. Prior to joining IBM, Ven held positions at HP as the CTO for the Nike Account Team and practice director at Oracle. He holds a bachelors in Electronics and Power Engineering from VNIT, India. Find his profile on Linked in @

Hadoop Meets SQL

July 24, 2013
Big data technologies like Hadoop are providing enterprises a cost-effective way to store and analyze data. Enterprises are looking at using Hadoop to augment their traditional data warehouse. Read More

Running Hadoop in the Cloud

May 28, 2013
With the growing popularity of cloud computing, enterprises are seriously looking at moving workloads to the cloud. There are issues around multi-tenancy, data security, software license, data integration, etc., that have to be considered before enterprises can make this shift. Read More

Will Hadoop replace or augment your Enterprise Data Warehouse?

May 7, 2013
There is all the buzz about Hadoop these days and its potential for replacing the enterprise data warehouse (EDW). The promise of Hadoop has been the ability to store and process massive amounts of data using commodity hardware that scales extremely well and at very low cost. Read More