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Whitney Hepp
Director of Marketing and Operations, TerraEchos, TerraEchos

As the Director of Marketing and Operations, Whitney oversees the internal day-to-day functions at TerraEchos. She is responsible for coordinating and managing all events, public relations, marketing, advertising and communications for internal and external actions. Her voice is heard behind the tweets and social media posts for TerraEchos, where she monitors constituent accounts and trends. Before coming to TerraEchos she worked as a Social Media Manager. She gained global experience as a Global Customer Service Manager and Junior Reporter with the International Diamond Exchange (IDEX.) Whitney has a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations from Boston University and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Montana.

3 Undergrads Walk Into a Room . . .

November 13, 2012 | by Whitney Hepp, Director of Marketing and Operations, TerraEchos, TerraEchos
A Computer Science major, an Information Management major and a Marketing major sit in a classroom in Montana…No, It’s not the beginning of an epic joke; it happens to be a glimpse into the first ever undergraduate IBM InfoSphere Streams course. The University of Montana, with the help of IBM and...