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Zachary Burnett
Worldwide Sales Leader, Sales Performance Management, IBM

Zachary Burnett is a software sales executive with over 14 years of experience driving revenue growth and creating high performance cultures. His experience is international in scope, with detailed strategic and tactical understanding of Europe, Latin America and the emerging markets of southern Europe, Middle East/Africa and southeast Asia. Zachary’s particular area of expertise is in aligning revenue goals with product management and cloud operations (SaaS) organizational objectives.

Sales Performance Management: the Why?

Sales performance management: The why?

July 18, 2017 | by Zachary Burnett, Worldwide Sales Leader, Sales Performance Management, IBM
Why? This is a question we subconsciously answer for most things we do: why do we spend hours reviewing email or sitting on conference calls? But if we take time to consciously reflect on the “Why” of our business activities, I predict it would alter our actions and probably predicate a re-...