Big Data Analyst Crosses Over to the "Dark Side"? Hardly.

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Big Data Evangelist, IBM

This is just a quick introductory note to let you know that I have joined IBM as Senior Program Director, Product Marketing, big data analytics Solutions, within the Netezza  team.

My core reason for joining IBM is that it’s a great company with a full portfolio of best-of-breed solutions and services for big data analytics and other mission-critical enterprise applications. Among other responsibilities, I will serve as one of IBM’s principal big data analytics evangelists.

I will help IBM customers to understand the applications of big data analytics in their organizations’ Information Agendas. At IBM, we define Information Agenda as a framework for transforming information into a trusted strategic asset that can be leveraged across applications, processes, and decisions for sustained competitive advantage.

If you’ve been following my public pronouncements over the past several years, when I was an industry analyst, you know that I’m passionate about the power of big data analytics to foster a Smarter Planet that is more efficient, scalable, sustainable, liveable, and adaptable.

Some might scoff: “Hey Jim, you're a vendor now, so doesn't that mean you've crossed over to the proverbial 'dark side' and will neuter your every statement to slavishly promote your new employer's interests?” To which I must reply: “hardly!”

What you're going to see from me, in my capacity as an IBM big data thought- leader, is the same point-blank points of view I've long been known for. You're going to see me focus on new technologies, emerging best practices, exemplary business applications, practical guidance, and far-reaching visions.

No, I'm not going to do a sales job on behalf of IBM products and services, though I'll certainly point you to them when they illustrate how you can implement these new visions.

No, I'm not going to engage in competitive trash talk, which I've never done before and have no intention of starting. That sort of industry “locker room talk” usually sheds far more heat than light on serious topics.

I'm not going to pretend that IBM's overall big data analytics solution and service portfolio is perfect on every level. IBM asked me to join their team to be brutally frank with them about where they need to improve.

A core part of my job at IBM is to continually engage with you—our customers and the industry at large—through blogs, social media, and other channels. As such, I'm part of a wide range of IBMers engaging with the industry on all things big data.

Tell me what you think. I'll share my honest opinions on where we're strong, and where we're weak.

Stay tuned.

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