The new wave of change: Big data and analytics in the UK marketplace

July 3, 2014
Big data and analytics is sweeping the UK market and promises to bring exciting solutions that are enabling organizations to stay ahead while customers and citizens continue to evolve in the new data-driven environment. Read More

Making data science a team effort

June 12, 2014
Many make out the data scientist to be a Renaissance woman or man who can single-handedly elevate the organization’s analytics savvy. However, preparing students for corporate roles in data science means training them for many positions on a team. At Arizona State University, we work closely with our industry advisory boards to create real-world curriculum for programs in business analytics. Read More

Intelligence accelerated: How cloud-based analytics is expediting business results

May 28, 2014
Today’s data-driven organization is faced with magnified urgency around data volume, user needs and compressed decision time frames. In order to address these challenges while maintaining an effective analytical environment, many organizations are exploring cloud-based environments coupled with powerful analytical technology to accelerate decisions and enhance business performance. Read More

Open climate data will focus humanity on solutions to global warming

May 15, 2014
Open sourcing of all climate data would give humanity a continuously updated baseline environmental intelligence metric that could be used to track deterioration or improvements in key areas (air, water, pollution, soil) over time.  Read More

Big city, big data: Chicago exhibit connects people to the data they generate

May 15, 2014
Make big plans; aim high in hope and work, remembering that a noble, logical diagram once recorded will not die, but long after we are gone be a living thing, asserting itself with ever-growing insistence.— Read More

Big data insights in a System z IBM environment

May 7, 2014
In order to deliver deeper insight, organizations must be able to leverage and integrate the growing amounts and different types of data together to reveal different perspectives and so, get closer to the “truth." Transactional, freeform, sentiment, clickstream data and more help create a richer view of what the customers’ next move might be. Big data technologies such as Hadoop have the potential to help organizations build deep digital relationships with each and every one of us and augment the understanding of how we think. Read More

The future of big data

May 7, 2014
Big data adoption is the future, and leaders that embrace this imminent paradigm will emerge the likely winners in the market in the years ahead. Read More

Anticipating society's needs

May 7, 2014
How can a painful experience at the Department of Motor Vehicles point the way to a more efficient, effective government? A key lies in the ability to anticipate rather than just respond. This blog illustrates how three government organizations from around the world are using IBM’s Big Data & Analytics to better serve their citizens. Read More

Data confidence: The proof's in the process

May 1, 2014
When people say about some found object, "don't touch it, you don't know where it's been," they might as well being speaking of data. You can't use any data with confidence until you ascertain where it came from, who handled it and what they did with it.  Read More

Business users want the cloud: Enter BlueInsight

April 29, 2014
With business outcomes front and center, emboldened decision makers want data and analytics systems that are fast, easy and smart. New cloud-based initiative BlueInsight aims to deliver on that promise to business and knowledge workers, unleashing them to pursue what they do best—taking action based on fresh insight, and making the right decisions to achieve their desired outcomes.  Read More