Connecting Network & Subscriber Domains with Big Data & Analytics: IBM’s Intent to Acquire The Now Factory

Industry Marketing Manager - Communications, IBM

By now, you have probably read the news of IBM’s intent to acquire The Now Factory, an expert in Customer and Network Analytics for Communications Service Providers. The Now Factory solutions generate the richest and most accurate information on a customer’s experience and usage of the mobile internet, in real-time, delivering value across the business and technology domains in CSPs today. The Now Factory is a privately held company based in Dublin, Ireland.

Service providers are looking to connect the two domains, network and customer (subscriber) to drive business benefits from big data.  The Now Factory advances IBM’s leadership position by adding new capabilities to serve this purpose. For example, a large tier 1 communications service provider deployed The Now Factory to measure and analyze data usage for high volume, pre-paid subscribers across devices, apps and network locations. The marketing team leveraged the insights to select subscribers for a targeted campaign to upgrade high volume pre-paid subscribers into post-paid accounts. The Now Factory delivered 400% increase in campaign conversion rate compared to traditional campaign uptake!

The Now Factory portfolio has been deployed to drive value across a broad set of business users such as marketing, customer service and network operations. We have already talked about how marketing can utilize this groundbreaking technology to target campaigns with higher conversion rate. Customer service representatives can triage customer issues faster with the ability to pinpoint which specific element in the service delivery chain such as App, OS, device, server and network is causing the issue. Network operations can understand the impact of network events (bottlenecks, dropped calls, outages, etc.) on subscribers' quality of experience and address it to reduce churn and increase customer satisfaction.

The Now Factory ingests packet data directly from the network and analyzes subscriber experience and usage on the data heavy 3G/4G LTE networks in real-time, identifying the apps being used, the experience of the customer while using them and the factors influencing that experience.

This news accelerates IBM's Big Data & Analytics initiatives with unique customer experience and network analytics capabilities that will accelerate service providers’ ability to get deep insight from big data. Read the entire press release here.

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