Dez Blanchfield and Lillian Pierson: Fast track your data

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Chief Data Scientist, GaraGuru

Dez Blanchfield talks with Data Scientist & author Lillian Pierson about our Fast Track Your Data 2017 event in Munich, sharing general thoughts on the key themes and topics, in particular how organizations can secure their competitive advantage with machine learning.

Dez and Lillian discuss Unicorns & Data Scientists, the practice of Data Science & Analytics, the rapidly emerging value of Machine Learning, challenges around Hybrid Data Management and Cloud, the need for ever increasing visibility and controls around Data Security and Unified Governance, and much much more.

Whether you're joining us in Munich on June 22nd in person or via live streaming, you will glean some great insights into the event’s themes, key topics and areas of focus, while also getting to know one of the world’s most endearing thought leaders and innovators.

Find out how Lillian Pierson, living on a remote island in the heart of south east Asia in Thailand, somehow manages to juggle family life, motherhood, being an entrepreneur – building a business that started as a “side gig” – and is now a leading online provider of Data Science and Analytics education and training, consulting, and a healthy marriage.

And if that wasn’t enough, Lillian manages all of that while also managing to be one of the most proactive social influencers in Data Science, Analytics, Machine Larning and "Bots", across every leading social network available. Wow – if that doesn’t grab your interest, nothing will.