Friday Data Flick: Uses of Big Data and Hadoop as Data Warehouse

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You like videos and we like making them for you. This week, for our Friday Data Flick feature, we bring you three new videos: two that help you understand more about the top uses for big data and one that takes an in-depth look at Hadoop as a data warehouse.

Top Big Data Use Cases Explained

Eric Sall, vice president of product marketing for IBM's Information Management Group, joins Wikibon analysts Dave Vellante and Jeff Kelly to discuss real-world big data use cases:

  • Big Data Exploration
  • Enhanced 360-degree View of the Customer
  • Security Intelligence
  • Operations Analysis
  • Data Warehouse Augmentation


Videochat: How Big Data Improves 360 View of the Customer

Bob Hayes, chief customer officer of TCE Lab and president of Business Over Broadway, interviewed Mark Myers, IBM big data product marketing manager, about how big data can provide an enhanced 360-degree view of the customer. This is one of the top 5 use cases for big data.


Big Data - The Hadoop Data Warehouse - Part 2 

IBM's Big Data evangelist James Kobielus discusses the marriage of Big Data and Data Warehousing that is leading us toward the Hadoop Data Warehouse. In the second and final part of this video series, James discusses the attributes of a Big Data platform that encompasses traditional data warehousing, big data analytics at rest and in motion, the importance of MDM and governance and what you should be looking for from your Big Data platform vendor.

To learn more about the IBM big data platform, visit For more on Hadoop, read "What is Hadoop?"

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