Get a Quick Start with Enterprise Hadoop & Big Data Technologies

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Program Director, Digital Experience, IBM

When you start thinking through Hadoop and all of this big data technology, you start to realize that it might take more than a few minutes to set up and run.


As technologists ran through the first wave of Hadoop, only the advanced early adopters spent the time to master the vast array of piecemeal technologies. Just look at the worldwide demand for Hadoop professionals. Enterprise Hadoop came from the need for someone to pick, choose and test all of the ‘in-development’ pieces of the open source project and package with enterprise deployment in mind.

Over the past few months, the team has been pulling together the new InfoSphere BigInsights Quick Start Edition. We took IBM’s enterprise Hadoop offering (BigInsights ‘Enterprise Edition’) and opened the door for anyone to download, play and use the product – at no cost. This means that those who download the Quick Start Edition now have access to unique big data technologies like text analytics, Big SQL and even the big data visualization tool, BigSheets – all included and out of the box.

To get there, we took enterprise Hadoop and added some of our research work like text analytics, Big Sheets and now integrating our SQL engine Big SQL to the product. Our goal is to empower the enterprise user with big data technologies that matter.

With the second wave of Hadoop technology, we’re going beyond just enterprise capabilities and focusing on usability of the software. What good is a product if only one or two people in your company can use it? Silly, right? With this release of BigInsights Quick Start, we are focused on getting it into the hands of everyone and anyone that is interested in Hadoop technology and the advantages that enterprise Hadoop brings.

Everyone talks about big data, yet not many people are ‘doing’ big data. Part of this is hype by the vendors, but a larger portion, in my opinion, is the lack of skills and knowledge on using these technologies. I’m totally in this latter boat, as I was very apprehensive about having to learn all of this… pig, jaql, hive, oozie, lions, tigers and bears – you get my drift…  If I don't have the time to learn Mandarin Chinese, I sure as heck don't have the time to master some cryptic open source scripting language that might be obsolete by year close. I’m blowing this a little out of proportion here – but you get the point.

As we brought BigInsights to market for the latest 2.1 release (including the Quick Start Edition) we worked shoulder to shoulder with our development and documentation teams to ensure that we had user-friendly tutorials out of the gate.  By heading over to this simple link, you now can get up and running (and a little bit dangerous – at least that’s how I feel) in under 30 minutes. The tutorials run from basic exploration of the web console all the way through text analytics and ‘teaching’ the system to extract text from unstructured documents.

Where I am going with this is that BigInsights Quick Start is not just trial software – or some gimmicky flash demo on big data – but instead the same exact product (minus some features like the big data accelerators and production support… all available in the enterprise edition) that we have built for our most demanding enterprise clients that are tapping into the benefits of big data.

As stated there is LOTS of hype around Hadoop and big data – so much that some folks just roll their eyes when a PowerPoint shows that cute little yellow elephant.  Our goal with BigInsights Quick Start Edition is to get away from the hype and get product in your hands.  Play with it, learn from the tutorials, revisit the videos – and at the end of the day – make yourself familiar with the latest technology fueling the big data craze.

See for yourself what BigInsights can do for you – and if you are up to it, enter our Quick Start challenge to share the feedback with us. You might also pick up a t-shirt or even be invited to co-host one of our Big Data Bytes video casts.

Get your hands dirty with big data technology. 

Download BigInsights Quick Start Edition today.