IBM PureData System: A Giant Leap Forward in Delivering Data Services

Building a database platform may soon seem very old-fashioned

It wasn’t that long ago that people use to buy and carry around a whole slew of personal electronics. Today, that seems quaint given the advent of the smartphone—a single device that has everything built in. Years from now, people may feel the same when they look back at the way transactional database systems were deployed. Imagine... companies actually bought the individual components, then built and optimized the solution themselves. What were we all thinking?

Simplicity, speed and lower costs out of the box

IBM® PureData™ System for Transactions is changing database deployment the way the smartphone changed consumer electronics. A highly scalable database platform, the PureData System for Transactions already has all the things you need to manage data already built in. This helps reduce complexity and dramatically accelerate time to value. The system is designed to be up and running in hours. All your IT staff needs to do is plug in power and the network and start loading your data—it’s that simple. Contrast that with today’s process and the months it typically takes to order, install, configure and tune high scale data systems.

With the PureData System for Transactions, all the ingredients have already been put together. The system contains factory-integrated and optimized server, storage, network, and software resources selected and tuned specifically for the demands of transactional processing.

Designed for data-intensive workloads

The PureData System for Transactions was built to provide high reliability and high throughput with scaling up to 30X.1 Years of IBM data management expertise is built into the system and ready for immediate use. You can deploy new databases in minutes2 and manage the whole system from a single, integrated console.

The included Oracle database compatibility features enable you to move your data to the PureData System for Transactions with little to no application changes. It makes an ideal platform for server consolidation, since each system can host more than 100 databases.3

With all this going for it, the PureData System for Transactions represents the future of database deployment. And just like your smartphone, you may soon wonder how you ever managed without it.

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1 Designed scalability for processing power and memory resources required for a single database.
2 Based on one large configuration.
3 As designed for normal operation.
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