Learning and Doing - Friday Data Flick

Social Media Strategist, Information & Analytics Group

Interest in big data remains high. In fact, according to the 2012 study “Analytics: The real-world use of big data” that surveyed more than 1100 executives and practitioners from 95 countries, 75 percent of organizations have big data activities underway.

But that same study also uncovered two major obstacles: skills and training. We’re not just talking about the oft-cited lack of trained data scientists. Some of this is about basic understanding that line-of-business people – such as marketers and product managers as well as data analysts – should have.

And some of that lack of understanding is due to fear. Fear of Hadoop – “It sounds funny so it must be hard” or simply not knowing how or where to start.

Fear no more! The new InfoSphere BigInsights Quick Start Edition gives you access to hands-on learning through a set of easy-to-understand tutorials designed to guide you through your Hadoop experience. Plus, Quick Start Edition includes a free downloadable version of BigInsights with enterprise-grade features including visualization & exploration, advanced analytics, and security & administration – everything you need to experiment with large data sets and explore different use cases, on your own timeframe.

Our “Friday Data Flick” this week features three of those Quick Start tutorials. In about 6 minutes – six minutes! – you can watch all three and learn about importing, managing and analyzing big data.

As an added bonus to inspire you, we’re including a fourth video in which current big data users describe how their organizations are benefiting from improved analytics.

Enjoy these videos! Let us know what else you would like to learn.

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