Survey: Help Analyze the State of Analytics & Big Data

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Have you analyzed your analytics?

The IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) wants to know how you are transforming data into competitive advantages. What capabilities are needed to really analyze data, whether big or small? Which technologies are you using – or not? Does organizational culture affect how well analytics can create value? Are the most successful initiatives born in business or IT? And who defines value?

survey.jpgThe Institute for Business Value has done annual surveys since 2010 to examine how organizations work with analytics and big data. Last year’s survey explored how organizations were approaching and tackling big data. With more than 1100 respondents from around the globe, the results provided a fascinating look at how the big data journey is evolving.

This year, the IBV wants to expand the conversation to look at how organizations are combining data that is big and little; structured and unstructured; static and streaming. As IBV Global Research Lead Rebecca Shockley explains, the goal is to determine how organizations are joining all the different data types to create value – and competitive advantage. Simply, what does it take to successfully execute on analytics within an organization?

As Shockley noted, though, “It’s not just about the data or the technology; it’s also about the skills, the leadership from within the organization, the culture… the process, the technology.”

Once released in October, the survey results will help organizations understand how to take their data and analytics program to the next level. Shockley explained that the survey results should give organizations “a new framework for thinking about their information assets and ways to evaluate where they are on their information journey.”

 To get the most useful results, IBV needs data from everywhere across the market. The larger the sample, the better the results. The survey can be taken anonymously, and all responses will be aggregated to ensure privacy.

So whether you’re on the business or IT side, whether you’re an executive or working in the data trenches, take a few minutes to take the survey. We also need a wide variety of geographies, so share the link with colleagues around the world.

Take the survey, and you’ll be among the first to receive a copy of the results when they’re released in October. We’re eager to gain this insightful, fact-based look at how organizations are creating business value from analytics and big data! 

Learn more – listen to a podcast with Rebecca Shockley, the Global Research Lead from IBV, as she describes the goals in more detail.

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