The NoSQL conundrum: Lagged veracity and the double-edged promise of eventual consistency

December 5, 2013
In the big data scheme of things, you can talk about the "3 Vs," the "4 Vs," or as many "Vs" as your fevered imagination can spin out. The "3 Vs" point to the "big" dimension of the big data phenomenon, but when you shift the focus from "big" data to "all" data, the fourth V becomes a cleaner fit. Specifically, bringing veracity into the discussion can help you to incorporate an overlapping database paradigm, NoSQL, into the larger perspective. That's because veracity is akin to one of the defining features of NoSQL: the notion of "eventual consistency." Read More

Top Reads in Big Data: Week of Oct 29

November 2, 2012
With the large Information On Demand conference (IOD) in the not-so-distant past, we are back on the regular beat, bringing you a weekly roundup of interesting, newsworthy and fun tidbits on big data-related topics. This post includes a few highlights from IOD - more to come next week. Read More

IBM IOD 2012: The Big Data Buzz Continues to Amaze

October 29, 2012
Information On Demand 2012 (IOD) was a sensational event from start to finish. This was my sixth consecutive IOD, and my first as an IBMer. Read More

Taking Stock - Integrating Netezza with IBM's Product Portfolio

November 4, 2011
A slew of announcements made during last week’s IOD conference assert IBM’s R&D machine is running in top gear. Here’s my take on progress integrating Netezza with IBM’s broad product portfolio and how this engineering further simplifies our customers’ warehousing and analytics projects. Read More

A New Wave of Women in High Tech

November 1, 2011
Women are moving up in high tech. Ginni Rometty's appointment as the next CEO of IBM is the latest example of this. She joins women like Meg Whitman at Hewlett Packard, Ursula Burns at Xerox since 2009, and Indra Nooyi who has led Pepsico since 2006.  These aren't just women leading companies. These executives are leading some of the biggest brands in the world.    Read More

Answering the important questions, faster: Cognos Business Intelligence and IBM Netezza

October 26, 2011
IBM Cognos Business intelligence helps organizations answer three questions: 1.    How are we doing against plan? 2.    Why are we on/off target? 3.    What should we be doing next? Read More

The “Data Bridge” for a Logical Data Warehouse

October 25, 2011
The pressure of more data and analytics is spurring organizations to rethink their EDW strategy.  Many have already embarked on creating a logical data warehouse, where data and analytic computation is distributed on fit-for-purpose systems.  This architecture reduces costs, offers optimal price-performance for different workloads and creates the agility business users crave. Read More

InfoSphere Streams and the IBM Netezza Data Warehouse Appliance

October 25, 2011
I’ve spent a fair bit of time recently learning about InfoSphere Streams and BigInsights, as I’ve been working on the Smart Consolidation story. Read More

The Logical Data Warehouse: Smart Consolidation for Smarter Warehousing

October 24, 2011
I’ve previously written how in the early part of 2011 we worked with technology and marketing leaders across IBM’s portfolio to define and launch a new strategy for data warehousing and analytics. Our objective is to meet today’s enterprise needs with agility to deal with whatever the future brings – flexibly, simply and without requiring that our customers overhaul their data center infrastructures. Read More

The Mainframe Ate IBM Netezza

October 24, 2011
Smart Consolidation recommends running workloads on the platform best suited to the purpose, and for many of the world’s largest organizations IBM’s System z – the mainframe – is the system powering their transactional heartbeats. The newly-announced IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator (IDAA) for z/OS brings the analytics performance of IBM Netezza into System z. To discover more, I spoke with two of my colleagues at IBM: Gary Crupi, Executive IT Specialist and Ola Mayer, Product Management Director. Read More